1994 Nissan Silvia S14 K

Sold: $17,995

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Stock Number: 4419

In '94 Nissan made a huge leap with the new and improved S chassis. Out with the boxy, angular, designs of the Skyline and Silvia and in with new more rounded bodywork. The new design allowed for the car to be slightly wider and lower than the outgoing Silvia but with only a minimal jump in size. The lower/wider stance only helped to aid the already nimble chassis and now with improved looks. Our latest offering comes with several improvements from the factory to only take things to the next level. This platform is so versatile there's no wonder as to why they've become such icons. The Dmax style front bumper does a great job of showcasing the massive Greddy front mount intercooler. With the side skirts and rear bumper to match the car looks far more aggressive than what Nissan originally had in mind. The FRP vented hood is a nice touch for heat extraction and helps to cut down on weight. Keeping with the upgraded aero it even sports a set of powered Ganador side view mirrors which are always the perfect touch. Finished in Nissan's unique Pearl White (WK0) it really takes on a unique hue when you get it out in the sunlight. Considering all of the aftermarket panels the color is all rather uniform and free of any notable blemishes. The body has been kept up with quite well, even if all of the FRP aero doesn't line up 100% as well as the factory pieces would. 17" 5 spoke Evolution wheels keep with the sporty looks and give the S14 a more proper stance.

The new and improved interior is a fantastic upgrade over the S13's. The dash layout is much more refined while keeping an easy to read layout. There have been a few modifications from the factory. Most notably the driver's seat has been replaced with a much more supportive fixed back bucket. The bright red bucket keeps you firmly planted when you put your foot down and pitch it around (of course only on a close course.) Surprisingly it doesn't have the typical bolster break down from climbing in and out of it that so many suffer from. The stock passenger seat is in great shape, free of any tears or notable stains, and the rears look hardly used. The Momo steering wheel and Razo shift knob have replaced the stockers with a little more sporty setup and go well with the vibe of the car. The white-faced DR gauge overlay keeps with the white theme and is a refreshing pop in the cluster. Defi was turned too for some aftermarket support when it comes to keeping an eye on vitals. Those familiar with the S chassis know that these dashes are notorious for cracking over time, but we're happy to report this one is in good shape. The factory radio has been upgraded to a Carrozzerria single din that actually goes up to 99 FM and has a USB input! It's amusing that its a point to brag about, but few radios that come from Japan really have that much functionality here stateside. Naturally, you have all the other creature comforts of the day; power windows, locks and a full digital climate control system. The A/C does appear to be blowing cold which is nice for this upcoming summer months.

Cradled inside the spectacularly clean engine bay is Nissan's famed SR20DET. The high revving aluminum two-liter is a fantastic platform to build off of. This particular one already has some great supporting mods already taken care of for its new owner to give you a leg up over the competition. Tucked in behind the massive Greddy intercooler is a Trust oil cooler and a filter relocation kit to make changes easier. They also stuck with Greddy for the aluminum radiator which is a particularly nice addition. To make sure the turbo breathes a bit easier a Blitz intake mates up to the MAF. Not only does it help with the performance a bit, it really lets the turbo sing which is why we all love a good intake. Of course, you can't leave the exhaust stock on an S chassis so it a SARD hi flow cat replaces the restrictive stock one and feeds into the titanium HKS HiPower axel back. Now the SR actually sounds the way it should have to begin with. While power is great you can't forget about the suspension. Uptop is a proper Nismo strut tower brace which is a hard piece to come by these days. While we see coilovers on a lot of the cars we bring through the Aragosta suspension chosen for this one is exceptionally nice (and pricey.) With only 59K verified miles the SR quickly jumps to life. Out of the gate, these cars are quick as the turbo spools up low down in the RPM range and pulls hard to the 7K redline. Mated to the proper 5 speed only makes it that much more enjoyable to throw around a twisty back road. The clutch engagement is smooth and the 5 speed is crisp. With the aftermarket upgrades that this one has they made sure to upgrade the diff as well. The 2 way LSD puts down the power more evenly and really livens up the rear end. Our techs have taken care of some routine service items like a new fuel pump, subframe bushings, new rubber all around, and your typical oil change. Mechanically simple to work on, with parts readily available, what's not to love about the S14? This would make a great daily for someone looking to stand out in a sea of generic 240's. Now, all it's missing is someone to break in the new rubber.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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