1994 Nissan Silvia Q’s

Sold: $10,795

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Nissan made one of the most noticeable change ups to their lineup of cars for '94 model year. Out with the boxy, angular, designs of the Skyline and Silvia and in with new found curves. The new, rounded bodywork allowed for the car to be slightly wider and lower than the outgoing Silvia but with only a marginal jump in physical dimension. The lowered stance only helped aid the already nimble handling characteristics that the S13 was known for. Finished in one of the more desirable colors; Aspen White Pearlglow (WK0) really accents the new body lines and the wide rear tail lights. With only 29K verified miles it comes as no surprise that the paint looks great for it's age. The pearl coat is very subtle and has a nice shimmer when you get it out in the sunlight. Those that are familiar with the S chassis know that the rear wings are notoriously prone to fading and this one is in the same boat. It's nothing severe, but we wanted to make note since it's even hard to tell in the closeup pictures. The body has been kept up equally well with only a few minor door dings which could easily be addressed with a little PDR. The body has been kept all stock, just the way Nissan intended, which these days has become a rarity in the world of the S chassis.

Hopping into the driver's seat shows off the revamped interior which is a nice change of pace. The striped seats are in excellent shape and offer great support for the driver and copilot. The entire interior has been well preserved, from the carpeting and door panels to the seats. The only flaw to note is a split along the top of the dash. It's not uncommon to find in S chassis and could easily be covered by a dash pad. The long, flowing, center console is sporting a nice automatic climate control and even has the original radio. All of which are functioning as they should. Next to the shifter are selectable shift modes for both snow and sport driving. Fitted with power windows and folding mirrors along with the automatic climate control make it a perfect daily driver.

The SR20DE fires right up and is a robust power plant in naturally aspirated form. The best part is that the motor has been kept untouched making the car a real jewel. Of course for those looking to make bigger power the DET motor would drop right in. The SR is surprisingly quick on it's feet and the automatic ensures that it's always in it's power band. The 4 speed shifts in and out of gear fuss free and makes it ideal for someone in a higher traffic area. The suspension feel is great for being stock and the car is very light on it's feet. Of course since the chassis is the same as the USDM 240SX most all of the parts will overlap meaning there's no shortage of factory and aftermarket support available. Our trained techs have gone over the car to make sure that it's ready to roll. Fitted with a fresh set of plugs, a new battery, oil change, battery, and timing belt tensioner. This S14 really is an untouched gem that would make for an ideal daily driver. Combined with just the right balance of power and handling paired with low cost of ownership you really can't go wrong.

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