1994 Nissan 180SX

Sold: $13,795

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To this day Nissan's venerable S chassis is legendary. It's lightweight, communicative, toss-able nature makes it a cult classic. There is something to be said about clean, lightly modified, vehicles these days. With the rising popularity of the S13, and the impact of motor-sport on the dwindling supply of remaining vehicles, it's nearly impossible these days to find one that's been left untouched. This 1994 comes in with a verified 125K miles and has been kept virtually all stock. Finished in Arctic White (326) which, admittedly a bit biased, is arguably the best factory color option. The paint shows well, and still retains lots of its luster. The body is in great shape and appears to have been well preserved over the years. All of the gaps line up as they should and makes for a very clean factory look. Of course with any car of this age it does have some light door dings, but nothing out of the ordinary to report.

The interior tells the same story that the body does, and it has been kept all original. The grey cloth seats are in excellent condition, free of any notable stains or wear. Fitted with all of the power accessories of the day; power windows, folding mirrors, automatic climate control, and even the original radio. Everything is functioning as it should including the A/C. The most surprising/notable piece is the uncracked dash which is one of the most common issues we see with the S13. Yes the original steering wheel has some wear, but overall this appears to be one fantastically maintained car as the previous owner must have really cherished it.

Under the hood is the only proper motor for the S chassis, the SR20DET. Mated to a 5 speed manual makes it the ideal setup. The aluminum two liter fires right up and quietly idles through an aftermarket Kakimoto catback. A new battery has been installed to ensure this hatchback can handle ignition during the icy winter months. The motor pulls strong to redline and the turbo is quick to spool. Even in stock trim the suspension is well sorted and the brakes do a good job reeling things in. The 5 speed transmission shifts well with no grinds and shows no signs of clutch slippage. The factory suspension is still supple, and the car takes large road imperfection without an issue. Once touching down stateside, our trained technicians have given the 180 a little refresh to get it ready for it's new owner. New front rotors coupled with a fresh oil service and new plugs ensure that this little two liter runs like a top. Of course there's no shortage of aftermarket parts available for the S chassis, but with it's already superb motor and light weight body it really is one of the best cars Nissan's built to date.This turn-key Japanese classic can be yours today!

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