1994 Eunos Roadster

Sold: $8,995

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Low power, lightweight roadsters were Europe's recipe to success in the '60s and '70s with manufacturers like MG, Alfa Romeo, and Triumph. Thankfully with Japan's economic boom of the '90s big and bulky went out the window, instead opting to build cars that were fun, economical, and enjoyable once more. Mazda went and changed the game with the introduction of the Eunos by building something that was practical, efficient, and an absolute blast to drive. Inspired by the post-war era British sports cars, the Eunos rejuvenated interest in roadsters after the demise of cars such as the MG B and Triumph Spitfire. Since its debut in '89, it's won numerous automotive awards and has become the world's best selling sports car. Having gone through four different generations, the first-gen NA remains as one of the best driver's cars available around the globe. Finished in foolproof Brilliant Black (PZ) this stock example shows exactly what made it so great. The paint shows great for its age, however, does have some small blemishes in the clear coat that anyone would expect with a 25 year old car. While there are no notable issues with the paint, any car of this vintage could use a good paint correction to bring it back to its original glory. The only two spots of note are one the trunk. An antenna was mounted at one point that did leave an outline as well as one small dimple. Otherwise, the body has been kept up remarkably well. Barring a routine door ding or two, the body is very straight. Unlike most US cars, ours comes with one of the most desirable options, a color-matched factory hardtop. Not only does it add year-round comfort it also gives the sleek roadster a streamlined profile. Due to the full hardtop conversion, the soft top was removed in order to save weight. However, if someone wanted to down the line the tops do overlap with the US ones so one could always be added in down the line.

While these were positioned to be entry-level vehicles, the interior would leade you to believe otherwise. The driver's seat is very straight forward with everything easily laid out at an arm's length away. While the original layout was nice, we do have a few key upgrades. Most noticeably the Momo steering wheel which looks worlds better than the clunky stock one did. While the easy to read tach is prominently in your line of sight an Ultra shift light indicator was added to the right of the steering wheel for particularly aggressive driving. Fitted leather seat covers give the supportive bucket seats a more refined look. The factory cloth underneath is in fine shape should you prefer the more OEM look. The compact interior does come packed with all of the powered accessories of the day; power windows, power mirrors, and full climate control. For those familiar with the Miata/Eunos world these are all great features that many of us have to do without. The A/C does blow nice and cold for the days that you've got the keep the top on.

The Roadster was offered with two different motors, this one being a '94 means it has the more powerful 1.8L. These motors are notoriously reliable, and with only 99K verified miles is only just getting broken in. Especially when you compare that to most of the US cars kicking around with 200K+. The 5 speed gearbox is fantastic to row through. The gears are close and precise making it an absolute blast on backroads where you can really make use of the power. Clutch engagement is smooth with no signs of slipping. The factory suspension rides well, however, could easily be improved upon. Since the NA8C chassis was offered here in the US the parts are readily available. With these being such popular cars for autocross, road racing, and even drifting, there is no shortage of places to turn for aftermarket performance options. To ensure that it's turn key to start off its new chapter we've installed a fresh battery and an oil change to get the most out of the waning days of summer. From its legendary driving characteristics to the iconic pop ups, just remember Miata Is Always The Answer.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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