1993 Widebody Toyota Soarer

Stock Number: 4487

When Toyota debuted the Z30 Soarer it was the ultimate blend of luxury and performance out of the gate. With it's sleek and sophisticated styling it has proven to be an iconic design for years to come. Yet not everyone is satisfied with the stock life, after all, our mantra here at classics is "Custom is Freedom." If you are looking for a car that has it all and can do it all, this is what you've been dreaming of. This 1993 Soarer has both the looks and power to back them up. BN-Sports was turned to for a full aero revamp; front and rear bumper, side skirts, vented hood, vented front fenders, and the widebody rear over fenders. BN was able to take an already voluptuous car and take it to the next level. While it was originally Super Silver II (176) after all of the bodywork it was resprayed in a custom Pearl Black Metallic which seems far more fitting for a car this sinister. The paintwork looks fantastic and you would never know that it was resprayed unless you're looking under the hood. Since the devil is in the details, even the factory mirrors have been replaced with a much more sleek set of Ganadors. They were not painted at the same time as the car so they are simply a satin black, and since these were not powered you do loose that original feature. We can all agree that the stock wheels simply wouldn't cut it with something this wicked looking so 20" R35 GTR wheels take their place. These make for an awesome blend of an OEM look yet with a more proper aftermarket fit. The fitment is on point as this car was clearly purpose-built to flirt the line between show and go. Gmaster GP Sports coilovers are responsible for getting that height dialed in and also make for a great ride.

The interior had to match the rest of the car so quite a few upgrades have been made in there. The stock seats are pretty cushy but don't offer too much by way of lateral support. A reclinable Bride replaces the driver's seat and offers a ton of support while still being comfortable enough for daily duty. While we don't anticipate this one to being your new commuter car, it does make weekend cruises more enjoyable. All four seats are in remarkable shape which is a bit of a surprise as we normally see the bolsters in aftermarket seats break down from getting in and out. The expansive dash is in great condition free of any cracks or notable sun damage. A particularly nice Momo Drifting deep dish wheel replaces the original one and offers considerably more control due to the design and compliments the TRD shift knob rather well. A whole host of Greddy gauges flank the digital cluster so you can keep a true eye on vitals. The only thing to note when it comes to those is the exhaust temp gauge is currently not hooked up but it is at least powered. A Blitz Sequential Boost Controller (SBC i-D) is mounted below the steering column and has its control module to the right of the wheel for easy access. Below that is a traditional Blitz Dual Turbo Timer which most every built car out of the '90s was sporting. Off to the left of the trans tunnel is the Trust e-Manage piggyback to help give additional control now that it's running the big single instead of the factory twins. Depending on your location it may be a good idea to have the car re-tuned for the different US fuel quality and atmosphere levels in order to get the most out of the setup. While most everything is still present inside the cabin, some of the creature comforts have been removed. Obviously the stereo was pulled, but most people look to swap those out with more functional US radios anyway. The A/C has been disabled as well in the name of power, but you do still have power windows to keep the cabin temps down. Usually, when we see built cars like this the interior is gutted and caged, so having a comfortable cockpit is a nice change of pace.

The business end of this Soarer is under the hood. The 1JZ engine has been extensively upgraded including a Greddy TD06 big single turbo upgrade. While the factory twins are nice, it's nothing like the power benefit of the single. While being able to make more power it also helps to cut down on maintenance since it cleans up the engine bay a bit; plus the tubular header is a showpiece on its own. An HPI intake sits at the base of the turbo and makes all the right noises as if the 1JZ didn't already sound spectacular. To feed the TD06 all of the supporting pieces have been added like a massive front mount intercooler to fill the BN-Sports opening. Tucked in behind the FMIC is a trust oil cooler with a Koyo aluminum radiator stacked behind that. A SARD fuel pressure regulator is mounted off of the radiator with a much more convenient oil filter relocation positioned just aft of that. Outback is a full custom high flow exhaust that really lets the 1J sing. While now this Soarer sounds the way it should, your neighbors will certainly be aware when you leave for cars in coffee in the morning. With all that added power you need to have the brakes and suspension to keep everything in check. Alongside the GMaster coilovers are Cusco strut tower braces front and rear. The rear subframe and diff bushings have been fortified to keep the rear end in check. Peering out behind the massive GTR wheels is a bright red Celsio big brake kit. With only 115K verified miles the 1J springs to life with a quick twist of the key. The motor not only sounds healthy but it pulls like a freight train. As soon as you put your foot down the bright digital tach is quickly creeping up on that 6K redline. In order to properly put down all that power, an ORC 409 series super single clutch sends power out back through an upgraded diff. This car was a factory R154 manual, unlike many of the Soarers that we come across that have been swapped at some point. The clutch engages surprisingly smoothly unlike many upgraded clutches and makes rowing through the gears is an absolute blast. It's not often that we come across builds of this level that are so well rounded. You have all the looks to turn heads without being ostentatious, a comfortable cockpit so you can enjoy the ride, and still have all the power on tap to leave the crowds in the dust.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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