1993 Toyota Mark II JZX90

Sold: $11,995

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Stock Number: 4424

Without a doubt one of the most practical performance sedans on the market today, the JZX90 checks all the right boxes. The Mark II's practical dimensions allow for four full-size adults to fit comfortably, with a trunk to match, all while secretly producing more power than most sports cars of the era. Typically when you think of performance sedans the traditional slate of German manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes come to mind. Meanwhile, Toyota was out there slapping turbos on just about every car in their lineup. This kouki was finished in Toyota's Dark Green Mica (6N2) which has a very subtle look that really pops when you get it out into the sunlight. The late-model cars came with several small revisions that make a notable impact. The grille, tail lights, and revised front bumper are all polished off with the factory sport aero. The body has been well maintained showing only a few little routine blemishes. The paint shows particularly well with really only a few stone chips collected over it's 101K unverified miles. Due to the fact it has a TRD 300 km/h speedo the miles cannot be verified even though it was supposedly replaced by the dealership when new. Despite that fact, it doesn't change up how well the previous owner appeared to keep this one. While the body has been kept all stock the wheels do have an OEM+ look to them. Opposed to the stock ones a set of Lexus GS300 Platinum Edition wheels wrapped in fresh rubber were fitted and look right at home.

The interior has been kept largely all original, with a few aftermarket upgrades. The stock seats are incredibly comfortable, yet offer ample support. Luckily the bolsters have held up well as they're typically the most prone to degradation over time. Neither front or rear seats show any real signs of staining or wear, and the same can be said about the carpeting. The chunky factory wheel was replaced in favor of a more streamline Nardi wood grain. The dash has had a matching wood grain veneer applied to help class things up a bit. The most notable changes come from the host of Greddy gauges to help keep an eye on actual vitals. The A-pillar has your boost gauge while the dash gauge pod has your oil pressure, oil temp, and coolant temps. Atop the steering column is part of the reason for the additional monitoring as it has an HKS EVC fitted to control boost levels. Next to that is your typical Blitz turbo timer which most all cars of the era were fitted with. Of course just because it has all of the performance doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort because of it. These come fitted with all of the modern electronic goodies of the time like power-folding mirrors, one-touch driver's window, power locks, automatic climate control, and even a sunroof. As we see with most Toyota's everything is operating as it should.

Under the hood is what really makes this car special. In a sea of econoboxes, a sedan powered by the brutish 1JZ-GTE is remarkable. Powering the rear wheels, the 2.5L straight-six has seemingly endless thrust. The twin-turbo 2.5L fires up quickly and happily idles along. Since the intake and exhaust are still stock it's shockingly quiet making it a real sleeper. The power delivery is what sets this car apart from the Camry you're thinking of from back in the day. Once you get underway and the turbos spool the JZX90 pulls like a freight train. The drivetrain's supreme grunt is convenient for hopping on a freeway but is anything but temperamental around the city. The automatic transmission sends the power to the back wheels the way a proper saloon should. And while many hate on the automatics, this transmission is shockingly good. It's ideal when cruising around town or making your normal commute, but when you want to get around someone it's quick to respond. The shifts are crisp, and you don't have a massive delay when waiting for it to transition. When you need to slow down, the front brakes are very grabby and slow this four-door down incredibly well. The stock suspension does a great job of sorting out uneven pavement and other road imperfections without beating you up in the process. As one of the most underrated platforms out there, don't sleep on this Mark II or you'll get left behind.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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