1993 Toyota Mark II Grande 3.0

Sold: $12,495

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Stock Number: 4763

Without a doubt one of the most practical performance sedans on the market today, the JZX90 checks all the right boxes. The Mark II's practical dimensions allow for four full-size adults to fit comfortably with a trunk to match, has understated good looks, and a drivetrain that's easy to maintain stateside. While there were more performance-oriented motors, they were never available stateside which made them a bit more challenging to upkeep. This JZX91 on the other hand sports the same 2JZ-GE that was used here stateside in many of the tried and true Lexus's of the era like the IS300 and naturally aspirated Supras so just about any shop is capable of working on it. This kouki was finished in Toyota's Dark Green Mica (6N2) which has a very subtle look that really pops when you get it out into the sunlight. The late-model cars came with several small revisions that make a notable impact. The grille, tail lights, and revised front bumper are all polished off with the factory sport aero. The body has been well maintained showing only a few little routine blemishes like your typical door ding or two. The paint on this one is more of what we'd call a driver's car, not a show car. There are stone chips and scratches on the hood and decklid, along with some etching to the clear on the roof. Nothing is flaking or peeling which would be a much bigger concern, but it is something we wanted to note since the photos don't show many of the smaller blemishes like that. Overall it would be a prime candidate for a daily driver that you won't be terrified to leave in a parking lot. With a mere 54K verified miles this one really is the ideal candidate for a new daily driver.

The interior is similar to the JZX90s that we're so accustomed to, however, this one has quite a few clever factory upgrades. The stock seats are incredibly comfortable, yet offer ample support. Luckily the bolsters have held up well as they're typically the most prone to degradation over time. Neither front nor rear seats show any real signs of staining or wear, and the same can be said about the carpeting. Unlike many of the 4 doors that come through, this one is actually large enough that you can put four people in it comfortably for more than just a quick 15-minute trip. The biggest change is the gauge cluster, which is the first one we've seen like this. A full digital display similar to the Soarer or MKIII Supra is a really cool piece and is surprisingly easy to read regardless of how bright it is outside. The center console is also different with an adjustable armrest and a retracting storage compartment that houses two cup holders, which is a rare feature in Japan back in the day. The center stack also features a different layout for the climate control, while still, automatic the controls are a bit simplified. Everything is working as it should, even the original radio down below it (at least to the best of its ability.) Most will look to swap that out for something US-friendly, but it does at least have a tape deck so you could use an adapter to stream your phone in the meantime. The other power accessories are also operational like the power windows, locks, and folding mirrors. Just ahead of the gear selector are your traction control, TEMS suspension adjustment, and the power switches. Traction is self-explanatory, but the power mode will hold you in gear longer while the TEMS will firm up or soften the ride depending on what the situation calls for.

Under the hood is Toyota's tried and true 2JZ-GE. This motor has been put in most ever chassis in the Toyota lineup at some point due to just how versatile it is. While it may not be quite as potent as the twin-turbo 1JZ, don't sleep on the NA 2J. Factory rated at around 220hp and 215tq it has more than enough get-up and go to confidently merge on the highway. Being naturally aspirated you have a very linear powerband and the power is easily sent to the rear wheels through the auto gearbox. While many hate on the automatics, this transmission is shockingly good. It's ideal when cruising around town or making your normal commute, but when you want to get around someone it's quick to respond. The shifts are crisp, and you don't have a massive delay when waiting for it to transition. When you need to slow down, the front brakes are very grabby and slow this four-door down incredibly well. The stock suspension does a great job of sorting out uneven pavement and other road imperfections without beating you up in the process. Mechanically it arrived in great shape, it's evident that this one was well cared for over the years. For instance, the timing belt was replaced a mere 6,500 miles ago. As usual, it needed a fresh set of tires, we also threw in a new air filter, and a routine oil change for good measure. As one of the most underrated platforms out there, don't sleep on this Mark II. With its sublime drivetrain and timeless looks, it's an ideal daily driver as opposed to the more mundane IS300s and GS300s that you see in every parking lot.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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