1993 Toyota Land Cruiser VX 3rd Row

Stock Number: 4637

The FZJ80 is a sturdy, reliable, and overly capable 'ute produced squarely in the middle of Toyota's heyday. This '93 gasoline-powered Land Cruiser is offered with a mere 96K verified miles and features a fully loaded interior, and a four-wheel-drive that can take you anywhere. Admittedly, Japan is a honey pot for sourcing this generation Cruiser. We regularly retail these 80 series SUVs in better condition than American examples, and usually with half the miles. While this VX Limited is nearly all stock it does have all the right options checked. Starting off with the color, Dark Bluish Gray Metallic (183) it's a very understated color that you just don't see too often out on the roads these days. The paint looks great for its age and has been generally spared from any notable issues. With anything of this age its naturally going to have some stone chips and light scratches in the clear, but nothing of real concern. The bodywork is just as clean, partly due to the giant IPF polished brush guard upfront. Aside from adding an extra layer of protection it definitely builds up the beefy looks of this beast.

The cabin of the 80 is massive, even by today's standards. Originally equipped with a 3rd row, its less common to find them still present as most are removed for the extra cargo space. Luckily since they're still here you can choose whether or not to keep them in. While not as simple to remove as more modern minivans, 8 easy to access 14mm bolts are all you have to pull in order to free up space for a long weekend away and still be able to toss them in to carry around the kids to soccer practice on Monday. The two-tone Alcantara seats are in great shape all around. Usually, we have to worry about some bolster wear or staining since they are on the lighter side, but this one really doesn't have any of the typical blemishes. The carpets and door panels are in just as clean, even the carpeting is largely stain free. An adjustable steering column and lumbar support make longer trips comfortable, and Toyota even included a cupholder location which is rare for Japan. Thanks to its massive ride height you get a commanding view of the road ahead. The steering wheel has been swapped out with one that was a bit of an odd choice. Abarth is the performance side of Fiat so its a bit of an odd choice, but it is a really nice wood wheel that's in great shape. The only other deviation from stock is the head unit which currently isn't powered, however, even if it was the Japanese frequencies are different than what we use stateside. They're an easy one to swap out down the road with something more current like Bluetooth and Apple/Android auto. As many enthusiasts are aware, the VX trim level was the top of the line option wise, and this unit comes well equipped even by today's standards. A power sunroof, automatic climate control, dual-zone A/C, heated seats, power windows/mirrors/locks, even a compass and altimeter to name just a few.

The driveline in this FZJ80 is unlike most current sports utility offerings around the globe. Today's trucks are rolling computers that require software more costly than the actual motor itself does. The beauty of these rigs are their simplicity. Its bulletproof engine, the 4.5L 1FZ-FE is known to be one of Toyotas' best. Its low vibration, easy to work on, and parts are everywhere here in the states since its the same motor they used here. With the turn of a key, it springs to life and sets into an easy idle. While it's no racecar the 4.5L mill has plenty of power to bring this massive vehicle up to highway speeds without breaking a sweat. The automatic transmissions in these aren't known for split-second gearchanges, however, they are well built and hassle-free. This one moves through the gears effortlessly, and power is sent through a selective transfer case to all four wheels. Front and rear limited-slip differential make tougher terrain more manageable and a center locking differential can be utilized through a dash-mounted switch when you really find yourself in a bind. Back in the shop we've gone over the VX and made sure that its ready for its next adventure. New Falken All Terrains sit at all four corners giving it a rugged look that you won't have to deal with for quite some time. The wheel bearings have been tightened up along with a routine oil change to get everything back in order. The 80 series is a bonafide Japanese Classic for several reasons. Its bulletproof reliability, iconic looks, and luxuriously equipped make this an ideal JDM daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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