1993 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

Sold: $17,495

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Stock Number: 4312

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a statement in itself, and one of the most iconic trucks ever built. In one iteration or another, these vehicles have been in production for almost seven decades for a reason. This 1993 80 Series has been redone in a classic Jet Black, and is set off by 33" new Falken tires, and Keele-R gunmetal alloys. The body is in good shape, other than some light clear coat damage to the hood and some lower bumper scuffs associated with normal use. Sporting some additional rare OEM and aftermarket goodies such as LED lights, leather seat covers, and a built-in icebox, this Cruiser can take you anywhere in comfort.

The cockpit is usually a good reflection of how a car was used overseas, and the condition of this one doesn't disappoint. Utilizing the factory running boards to hoist oneself up into the cabin, it's abundantly clear the this isn't your average tiny Japanese runabout. An abundance of room and luxury amenities await, in stark contrast to the brutish exterior aesthetic. Upfront, the visibility is fantastic and the ride height allows for a commanding position on the road. The low slung dash, with is neither discolored or cracked, and the thin A-Pillars allow the driver to see over traffic. At night LED taillights increase the attentiveness of other drivers from the rear, and HIDs illuminate the road ahead. The drivers steering wheel, a leather, and wood Nardi unit is mounted on an adjustable column. It breaks up the darker interior with some contrast and the glossy polished grain feels great in one's hands. The perforated leather covers are much better than the ones we buy here in the USA, and they look like they have been upholstered instead of haphazardly thrown on. The covers have no major imperfections and prevent spills and stains on the underlying Alcantara. Power windows, locks, and mirrors are all standard in this model and are operational as they should be. If you live in a more mild climate, you can drop the windows and sunroof and enjoy a bit of ventilation the natural way. Rainguards reduce the buffeting inside the car when driving with the side glass down, however, if the heat becomes unbearable you can always hit the A/C. The heat works as it should, making this truck capable of tackling all four seasons. Dual climate zones were rare at the time, but this particular one was sold originally with a third row and is equipped with this type of system. Yes the audio is inoperable, and there are some slight imperfections on the headliner, but these are inexpensive fixes if they bug you. An off-road gauge suite and OEM Cool-Box refrigerator/icebox combo are both functional and are rare options that should be noted for the Toyota die-hards. The middle row seats three, and like the front, is in good nick. Privacy tint has likely shielded many of the UV rays over the years and contributed to the good condition of many of the interior plastics and soft-touch surfaces. The carpets from the front footwells to the tailgate have been protected over the years, and Japanese carpet mats and manuals are included in the purchase.

The underpinnings of this huge hauler, are tough and durable. While we couldn't verify the miles due to a cluster swap in Japan, but the mechanical condition speaks volumes about this example. The 1FZ-FE gasoline engine is as good as advertised. With the near vibration-free straight-six layout and easy to find parts availability, its easy to fall in low with. Thanks to a freshly installed 12V battery, startup is a snap, and the 4476cc mill lurches to life. Settling into a silky and constant idle, acceleration is a seamless as almost anything we import. The robust automatic transmission sails through the gears, and despite the heavy curb weight, American interstate speeds aren't an issue. Benefitting from a fresh service, the new owner needn't service this SUV for another three thousand miles. The 4WD system works as it should and can keep you on the roads in the sleet or snow without breaking a sweat. An electronic center locking differential can be engaged with a click of a button on the dash, and the front and rear axles benefit from limited-slip differentials. The new rubber is handy to have during inclement weather, and the 16" wheels don't hurt the look either. The brakes, steering, and suspension have all passed the Virginia state police safety inspection and can handle all the rigors of daily use.

Real SUVs are dead, replaced by lifted sedans known as crossovers. The good news is, if you prefer the real deal, these Japanese Cruisers offer lower mileage, better options, and improved mechanical condition over most US versions for sale. Toyotas like these take you anywhere in style and luxury, and will surely do so for years to come.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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