1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Sold: $16,495

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Stock Number: 4290

Land Cruisers are a brand unto themselves. They are all iconic looking, go-anywhere, 4WD trucks backed by Toyota's reputation for building a bulletproof drivetrain. What is neat about the first generation Prado's is that they straddle the line between the classic and the modern versions of the Cruiser. The styling is very angular hinting at the simple sturdy body on frame platform that is obscured by sheet metal. There is beauty in simplicity as the saying goes, and this Prado exemplifies that with a rugged turbodiesel engine and simple mechanical underpinnings. Finished in Toyota's classic Green/Gray two-tone (24V) the body is straight and in good shape. Other than the minor dings and scuffs associated with normal use the aluminum running broads and chrome brightwork look wonderful, and the clear coat is still lustrous. The off-road appeal and capabilities are unquestioned on this model, but what is most surprising about this Prado, is how comfortable it can be as a daily driver.

A big misnomer on these trucks is that people feel like they ride like a 40 series. While that's a compliment off-road, it's not exactly a good thing when you're trying to commute to work. Unlike its predecessors, the Prado comes with plenty of power features. When stepping into the cockpit, the driver is greeted with a tilt column and leather-wrapped Nardi steering wheel. Powered accessories are all around, including functional power mirrors, locks, and windows with one-touch driver control. The gauges are all clear and legible and include a trick indicator light for when the turbo is actually in boost. A large, optional, sunroof in featured front and center between the front captain's chairs. This unit slides back to retracts for maximum ventilation and also tilts if you want a light breeze. For the upcoming summer, this 70 does have a functional air conditioning system but the heat is set to full blast here in Virginia as we speak. The front seats are in good shape and are trimmed in charcoal and gray Alcantara. Devoid of any major rips or seam slits they are comfortable on long cruises. The same can be said for the second-row bench, and the matching carpets and door cards are in decent nick. Many aren't aware that the Prado unutilized fold-away jump seats in the rear and they can improve seating capacity to seven. When not in use, they can be folded up and stowed against the D pillar. Importantly, if the plan is to haul six others around with you, the upgraded Addzest headunit pipes in the tunes all the way back to the third row! Moreover, the cargo carpet is in good shape, and there is additional storage below the floor, where the factory toolkit currently resides.

What better combination could there be than a Toyota diesel and 4WD? With its telltale clatter, and with the aid of a new 12V battery, the four-cylinder lurches to life. It feels strong and pulls hard, which is to be expected with only 73K verified miles on the chassis. This 2L-TE powered truck includes some serious running gear for an excursion off the beaten path. Located on the dash, an electronic Hub-Lock switch ensures maximum traction in less than ideal conditions. The selective 4WD system does have a low gear as well, but as mentioned, it's awful tough to get this thing stuck. Benefitting from a fresh oil and filter service, the 2446cc mill creates sumptuous true, and gets this brick up too and above highways speed easily. The TEMS adjustable suspension handles large and small bumps handily and has ample ground clearance. The brakes are impressive compared to most SUVs and bring this hauler down to manageable speeds with tons of confidence and has little, if any, vibration in the pedals. The steering is power-assisted, and light, which makes for low-stress parking jobs. The silver factory alloys are all shod with new Falken oversized tires, ready to handle gravel, tarmac, sand, and snow.

Though never offered here in the USA new, this special Toyota can now be driven stateside legally. Its low verified miles, fantastic equipment, impressive drivetrain, and unique looks make this an instant Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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