1993 Nissan Skyline BNR32 GTR

Sold: $29,995

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Hands down the most requested car we get here at Classics is the R32 GTR. There's no question as to why everyone is after Godzilla either; it's the car that put Nissan on the map. This particular series 3 has been kept largely all stock and is finished in the most popular color of all; Gun Gray Metallic (KH2). With 115K verified miles the exterior has been kept all stock with the addition of a few Nismo aero bits. The hood has been fitted with the Nismo style lip that gives a subtle addition to the side profile. Paired with the chin spoiler and traditional slatted grille make for one mean looking front end. The body is in great shape with all of the lines meeting up correctly. Free of any major dents or dings there are naturally some small imperfections as with any car that's been driven. With the widened rear end the GTR's sport does make it a little more prone to door dings. There are no chips in the paint, so most all of that could be addressed with a little PDR if you choose. The car looks as if it was resprayed at some point in time, the hood however looks to be the original paint. We jump to that conclusion because the clear coat is a little spotty, however a good paint correction may be able to spiffy things up. I will say that we're being a bit overly critical of the car, all of the imperfections that we've noticed are rather minor however we want to be as spot on as we can. While similar in style to the traditional R32 wheel, the GTR ones are a slightly darker graphite color which looks fantastic paired with the Gun Gray Metallic. But not only are they slightly more pronounced they're also wider; coming in at 8" out back.

The interior has been left pretty much untouched due to the very driver centric focus. The factory seats have a much sportier design, as well as considerably more bolster support than the standard 32 seats. Due to the added bolstering there is a bit of wear on the driver's side from getting in and out, which can be seen in the pictures. The passenger and rear seats are in excellent shape, free of any noticeable blemishes. The only real deviations from stock are the Nardi steering wheel, Razo shifter, HKS EVC, and a nice Greddy boost gauge on the A-Pillar to further monitor. The leather wrapped wheel feels great in the hand, and the added weight of the shift knob adds a nice touch when you're rowing through the gears. The factory gauge layout, which is already very easy to read, has been built upon with the addition of stand alone boost, oil temp, and volts gauges. We're happy to report that this car only has a very slight sign of the infamous dash bubble. All of the power accessories function as expected; power windows, mirrors, door locks, and the automatic climate control blows nice and cold.

We all know that what lies under the aluminum hood is what makes this vehicle just so special. The 2.6 liter, twin turbo, straight 6 has become just as iconic as the vehicle it's fitted in. The RB26DETT fires right up and sounds healthy through the Trust down pipes and catback exhaust. It sounds great at idle and only gets better the further you put your foot down. Paired with the twin HKS intakes the GTR really sings under load, that unfortunately just can't be replicated by speakers. To help keep all the power in check the suspension has received a full overhaul. Nismo front and rear upper control arms, lower traction arms, paired with a set of Tanabe shocks and lowering springs. To help tie it all together a set of front and rear GAB Sport strut tower braces. As for power delivery the clutch has been upgraded, we believe with a Nismo unit based on the bite. The power delivery through the 5 speed is exceptionally linear. The turbo's spool quickly and we see no signs of smoke on startup to indicate excessive wear. The car appears to have been exceptionally well cared for over the years, which should come as no surprise. Since arriving here our trained techs have gone over the car and replaced a few routine wear items. A fresh set of rubber on all four corners, a new battery to turn over the hearty six cylinder, and naturally a fresh oil change. The biggest replacement item's being the timing belt and water pump, which ensures peace of mind for the next 100K kilometers. Between it's suspension work, general power adders, and already exceedingly capable chassis, the GTR lives up to it's hype. This is a car that has to be experienced to really appreciate just how great they drive. This one is turn key and ready to start it's new adventure here in the US, making it's mark at every spot you go.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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