1993 Nissan Silvia A’s

Sold: $18,995

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Stock Number: 4750

To this day the Silvia remains one of the more revered coupes to roll out of Nissan's production facility. Its light and nimble chassis paired up with that high revving boosted four-cylinder was a guaranteed receipt for success. Any chassis that is produced for nearly a decade must be good, and today's market values reflect that. Our latest '93 A's took everything good about the S chassis and stepped it up a notch. While the Silvia looks good in stock form it isn't exactly what you'd call aggressive. This one, on the other hand, has had a few tweaks to take things to the next level. This one was clearly built with the intent of having a more drift style car, hence the miss-matched polished 17" wheels. The TBO style front end makes a world of difference and gives off one menacing look in someone's rearview mirror. A matching set of side skirts and rear spats give the car an overall lower profile which really plays well off the stock angular lines. While originally the Purplish Silver Two-Tone (1K4) it has since been resprayed to delete the two-tone and stick fully with the base purple the whole way through which is one truly unique color. Pulling up at your local meet it's safe to say you're not going to be coming across another one like it. The assumption would be that the car was resprayed when the aero was added since that would have been the only portion in the gray. The paint looks fantastic so it's likely that it was resprayed relatively recently since there are hardly any stone chips or scratches to note. The body is in equally good condition with no real dents or dings to report. Typically with aftermarket aero, we anticipate for the fitment to be a little off, but surprisingly this kit really does mate up well.

The interior, on the other hand, has had quite a lot of changes made, mostly in the weight reduction department. The carpeting and rear seats have been stripped out in favor of a Safety 21 bolt in half cage which adds a fair bit of rigidity to the chassis. The driver's seat has been replaced with a far more supportive fixed back bucket. While these typically aren't known for their comfort level, this one is arguably the most comfortable one we've ever had. The seat has a ton of cushion while keeping you firmly planted. Generally, the nature of this style seat causes an excess amount of wear to the bolsters from getting in and out but this one really is still like new which is impressive. The stock passenger seat is in good shape for its age with no real stains or tears to mention. While not as supportive, it does make for a more casual ride for the passenger. One of the main issues with all S13s are the dashes, which those familiar with these know are always cracked up or splitting. Shockingly, this on is in excellent shape which is particularly rare to find. It does look like a GoPro mount was stuck atop the center console It even still has the powered sunroof for some added light and ventilation. The door panels are also known for starting to delaminate, but with this Silvia. A more sleek black 3 spoke wheel matches the Blitz shift knob. While largely stripped down, you do still have all your basic power accessories like one-touch driver's window and power mirrors. While these came equipped with an automatic climate control system the A/C is currently inoperable. The stock radio was ditched in favor of a new Carrozzeria unit which makes swapping it out for something a bit more current easier.

The driving mannerisms of this S chassis leave little to be desired. We all know what sets this car apart from its USDM counterpart, the SR20DET. The two-liter four-banger is known for its power potential. In stock trim, these motors are no slouch, and with a few simple bolt-ons, it really comes to life. The steering is on point and the suspension is incredibly planted. Cusco coilovers have replaced the OEM suspension in the back, with Teins upfront. A larger rear sway bar and adjustable end links were added for some extra stability in the twisties. Largely due to 50/50 weight distribution, the way the car turns in is crisp and the brakes are divine. The factory exhaust doesn't do the car any justice, whereas the full turbo back high flow gives it a much more fitting tone. It's certainly louder than stock but since it does have an inline resonator and muffler it cuts down on that dreaded highway drone. Under the hood a Blitz style intake and suction kit let the turbo sing its trademark song on and off boost. And to make sure there's no shortage of fresh cool air feeding the turbo a massive HKS front mount fills the bumper. The SR quickly jumps to life and has no problem pulling all the way to redline. Shifts through the proper 5-speed transmission are smooth without and grinds. The clutch feels strong and does not slip under any load. Since this originally started out life with an NA SR20 the 78K miles the dash reads are technically not verified. Granted, based on the overall condition it seems like the chassis mileage is probably accurate, however, we still have to list it as true mileage unknown. To ensure that everything is in top shape we've gone ahead and put on four new tires, a fresh battery to combat the cold, along with a routine oil change. On the larger side of things we've also gone ahead and replaced the front main seal along with the pilot bushing, so you can check those off the future to-do list. With its vast availability of parts available stateside this guy would make a killer weekend track toy. Then again Nissan did leave a ton of untapped potential on the table with the SR, so it wouldn't take much to turn this chassis into a real monster. Now the only thing it's missing is a new driveway to call home!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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