1993 Nissan S14

Sold: $12,995

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Stock Number: 4234

The S14 has become a legend in its own right. Long, low lines, paired with phenomenal balance, wrapped up in the proper RWD platform, what more could you really ask for? 1993 marked the first year for the new and improved body style with its rounded bodywork and low, wide stance. While the S13 stayed in production through the entire run of the S14 not everybody wanted the angular looks and less refined interior. This Q’s left the factory in one of the best colors, Super Black (KH3) and features full OEM optional NavaN aero including the optional fog lights and floor mats both of which are exceptionally rare. Overall the car has been kept in great shape with minimal cosmetic issues. Naturally, it has a few light clear coat scratches and a couple of spots of touch up paint but nothing out of the ordinary. The driver's front fender does have a few stone chips that have some touchup paint. The only spot to note it on the trunk where an aftermarket antenna was previously mounted and you can lightly see where the base was on the trunk. The body has been well maintained as well, a couple of standard door dings but nothing out of the ordinary. The rare factory optional NavaN front bumper is in teriffic shape including the rare OEM fog lights. OEM optional NavaN side skirts and rear spats compliment to OEM body and aero bumper. Outback the Silvia is sporting a rare factory optioned NavaN wing which looks awesome. This car even has the original NavaN emblem on the trunk, an impossible piece to find! In keeping with the OEM+ look, the wheels have been upgraded to a nice set of 3 piece 17" Gewalt wheels. A welcomed change from the stock wheels, but almost look like they could have been a factory offered accessory.

The new and improved interior is a fantastic upgrade over the S13's. The dash layout is much more refined while keeping an easy to read layout. For the most part, the interior has been left all original and well preserved. The driver's seat does suffer from some typical bolster wear but is in better shape than a lot of the ones we see. Per usual the passenger and rear seats look as if they've hardly been used. For the most part, all of the fabrics have been kept stain-free. Unlike most S chassis this one does have a dash that's crack free. It's sad that an uncracked dash is a point to boast, but if you're familiar with these then you know just how common of an issue it is. The revised center console is sporting a nice automatic climate control and a newer Pioneer radio; all of which are functioning as they should. Naturally, these did have the other standard power accessories of the time; power windows, mirrors, and door locks. The refined interior is a great upgrade over the S13 making it a fantastic daily driver. Being a factory NavaN optioned car, it also includes a full set of OEM NavaN floor mats in the trunk.

Inside the engine bay lies Nissan's famed SR20DE. The high revving aluminum two-liter is a fantastic platform for a daily driver. Offering ample power down low that really opens up as the revs climb while returning respectable fuel economy. The help it breathe a bit easier several nice upgrades have been made. An HKS intake replaces the restrictive stock airbox which helps bring out a few extra ponies and is easier to service. Outback is a nice Kakimoto axel back exhaust that looks and sounds considerably more aggressive. The exhaust does have a far more audible tone on startup. Underload it's certainly louder than stock, but it doesn't have an excessive drone on the highway. With your right foot down the Silvia scoots right along, quicker than you'd anticipate for a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder. People definitely don't give this motor enough credit. Mated to the proper 5 speed only makes it that much more enjoyable to throw around a twisty back road. The clutch engagement is smooth and the 5 speed is crisp. Since touching down our technicians have gone over it and brought it back up to spec; with only 97K verified miles it didn't need much. After four new tires and a fresh oil change, our Silvia is ready to start turning heads here in the US. Mechanically simple to work on, with parts readily available, what's not to love about the S14? This would make a great daily for someone looking to stand out in a sea of 240's. After all, the S chassis is the best chassis.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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