1993 Nissan S13 180SX Slicktop

Sold: $16,495

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Stock Number: 4905

There's no arguing that Nissan's S chassis is one of the most versatile platforms out there. This also explains why we get requests every day for them. With its lightweight body and potent turbocharged two-liter engine, it makes for a killer combination. We try to bring in a wide variety, from bone stock to over the top. Our most recent '93 one happens to fall a bit closer to the stock than not category. For instance, the exterior has been kept pretty much all OEM since these have such an iconic look, to begin with. Super Black (KH3) is always a classic choice and looks great. Overall the paint is in good shape with only your typical little blemishes that anything 28 years old is bound to amass. The same can be said about the bodywork though you're always going to find some small door dings and things of the sort. The previous owner did swap out the wheels for something a bit more exciting than the ones Nissan opted for. A set of 17" split-spoke wheels wrapped in fresh rubber gives it a bit more aggressive tone without getting too crazy.

Much like the bodywork, the interior has been kept largely all stock. Overall it has been kept up with well, however, there are a few typical flaws that you would expect to find in a 28-year-old car. The dash for instance does have the typical S-chassis cracks hence the dash mat. The driver's seat has been upgraded to a far more supportive Bride Brix that still retains the adjustability of the stock one so you can still find a comfortable driving position. The passenger seat has also been upgraded to a more supportive S14 seat which looks right at home. Both seats are stain free which is nice, however, the driver's seat does suffer from the typical bolster breakdown from getting in and out. The back seats look great which is typical since most don't want to cram back there in the first place. The 3 spoke Nardi wheel with matching Lonza shift knob are is a nice touch that really does look right at home in these. Otherwise, the rest of the stock interior has all of the basic amenities of the time. Power windows, power mirrors, automatic climate control, and all present and functioning as you'd expect.

Pop the hood and you'll find the iconic redtop SR20DET. The Aluminum 2.0 liter has become an icon, and not only in the S Chassis world. Unlike all of the USDM models that have to undergo a transplant, the JDM spec vehicles came from the factory with the proper motor choice. There's no wonder why the larger KA is routinely ditched in favor of this lightweight powerhouse. With a quick turn of the key, the four-cylinder jumps to life and is surprisingly quiet through the stock exhaust. The turbo spools quickly and has no trouble pulling to that 7.5K redline without thinking twice. The 5-speed shifts with ease and the clutch is very forgiving for those inevitable traffic jams you'll run into on your way to work. The stock gearbox is nicely gated and provides a very crisp engagement. The stock suspension has no issue with handling all those "well-maintained" taxpayer roads. Of course, since the S13 was sold here stateside there's no shortage of available options if you want to put on a good set of coilovers and dial the car down a bit. While the mileage on the cluster reads 146K miles that mileage was not verified which leads us to believe the cluster was swapped at some point in time. Based on how strong the motor feels and the overall condition the mileage is of little concern in our book. All of the routine service work has been performed to make sure the car is running in tip-top shape. We replaced the front main seal along with the serpentine belts and water pump while in there. We also replaced the front right lower control arm as well just for good measure. Nissan hit a home run with this platform and consequently built it for nearly a decade. With easy-to-find parts and wide aftermarket support, this Nissan would be an ideal daily driver or a new project to wrench on. Its lines have never gone out of style, the motor has become a legend, and the drive backs it all up; the S13 truly has stood the test of time as a proper Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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