1993 Nissan R33 Custom Coupe

Sold: $16,495

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Stock Number: 4408

This beautiful and unique '93 R33 GTS25t has just arrived in our showroom and is one serious head-turner. While most of the cars we bring over are generally pretty stock, this one takes things in a different direction. With its custom color and aero paired up with the performance to back it up; this skyline means business. The stock Type-M front bumper looks savage with the massive HPI front mount intercooler staring you down. The FRP Z-Tune style vented hood and BN Sport Style vented fenders not only look good but offer actual performance benefits. The hood helps in getting fresh air under the hood and those fenders allow for the massive 18" Stage Knight wheels to fit. This front end looks serious when it pops up in your rearview mirror. Nismo 400R style side skirts keep up with the looks of the front end and flow nicely into the BN Sport rear bumper. Seeing as this Lapiz Blue paint was never a factory color it seems safe to say that when all the aftermarket aero was added they made the switch from the original Gun Gray Metallic (KH2.) Luckily though since the darker hues have black engine bays from the factory the color swap looks proper since they did paint all of the jambs. The paint itself looks fantastic and is a great color against the Black Chrome wheels. While aftermarket aero never fits quite as well as the original panels these do line up rather well. The body has also been kept up with well barring a few typical little door dings. The wingless look is also a big change from most of the R33s we've had which is a nice change of pace.

The more robust platform of the R33 had some benefits trickle down to the interior; the increased chassis stiffness lends itself to fewer squeaks and rattles, making this a nice daily driver option. And with its new design, Nissan was able to avoid some of the common problems that the R32 had like the dash bubble or peeling C-pillar for instance. Despite the lower ride height and more aggressive aero, the car is surprisingly easy to run around town since its largely stock inside. The big change out is the Bride Brix that replaces the original driver's seat. These are still reclinable making them comfortable for cruising yet offer a tremendous amount of support. One downfall to that bolstering is that it does have a tendency to get worn down faster hence the Bride patch. The remaining factory seats are all in good shape without any noteworthy blemishes like seam rips or stains. While the interior is largely stock there have been a few additions for added control. Atop the steering column is both a Blitz Dual-SBC along with a mechanical HKS boost gauge to monitor actual levels. Of course, these were designed to be enjoyable sports cars and not full-on race cars so we do have all of the typical creature comforts of the time. Power windows, mirrors, locks, and a digital climate control system, which are all functioning as they should. At some point, the radio was removed, but with the RB25 upfront, you already have a soundtrack for your cruises. Naturally, you could always throw in a new head unit that's actually US compatible if you wanted to.

Under the hood, Nissan's stellar RB25DET sits, mounted far back in the chassis. Making way more low-end power, this engine is nearly vibration-free like the RB20DET, yet has much more potential. With only 49K verified miles this one already has several key items replaced to get the ball rolling for you. That HPI front mount leads into a custom made forward-facing intake plenum. That simply by rerouting the intake makes for a far less cluttered engine bay and makes access to the upgraded HKS turbo even easier. Feeding the HKS is a matching HKS intake which makes all the right noises in boost. Outback the RB sings through a custom, nearly, straight pipe exhaust which is the way these cars really should have come from the factory. All of the power is sent to the proper set of wheels via an ORC twin-plate clutch, which admittedly is not for the beginner. The clutch is a good deal more aggressive than what came stock but does ensure that the power actually makes it to the rear wheels. Naturally, with added power, you need all of the other supporting mods to keep it in check. HKS adjustable coilovers sit at all four corners along with the beefier GTR rear strut tower brace. The big brother GTR was also called upon for their Brembo brakes with drilled rotors upfront. Atop all of the aftermarket pieces, we've gone ahead and taken care of quite a few routine service items to make sure this one is ready to tear up the streets. A new air filter and battery, inner and out tie rods, a new valve cover gasket, the left rear HICAS arm, and of course a routine oil change. When you throw it all together you've got a fantastic driving machine! The power comes on like a freight train and the suspension/brakes have no problem with keeping you in check. While this car already has plenty of work done there's always room to improve if you're looking to make a real monster. For most of us, this car already checks all the right boxes for a mix of street and track use. The only thing that's missing is the driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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