1993 Nissan Fairlady Z32

Sold: $14,995

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The Nissan Fairlady Z has always been a standout in its own regard. While we love factory OEM cars, ones that have been taken a step further while retaining to original intent may just be our favorite. This 1993 is what we jokingly refer to as OEM+ where everything added looks as if it belongs a factory accessory parts catalog. Looking at it from the outside it looks like a stock body, 2+0 Z32 in arguably the best color Oxford Gray (KL1.) The paint looks fantastic and has a great luster when you get it out into the sunlight. There is one spot of touchup paint on the rear quarter of the passenger side which you can see in the pictures. While the 300ZX graphics running down the doors add a proper '90s vibe. Overall the body is in great shape, barring a routine door ding or two there's nothing really of concern to report. A set of 17" Volk Racing CV Pro gives the profile a more aggressive tone without looking over the top. To get the stance brought back down to where it should have been, to begin with, adjustable Tein Coilovers were installed. Not just for looks, the Tein's are also fitted with their EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) which is a particularly tricky system. This makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force at the touch of a button thanks to the controller mounted in the glove box. Not only did it sport a sleek profile, but not it has the right stance.

Once again the interior has been kept very similar to original with a few key upgrades. Most noticeably is the upgrade in the seat department. The factory seats are supportive, but nowhere near the level, the Recaro Confettis do. Both seats are in great shape, free of the typical bolster wear that we see on most of these. Both have been spared from any notable stains or sun damage that the T-Top cars can fall subject to. The expansive dash is crack free unlike many Nissan's of the era, however it is turning up slightly along the windshield defroster. It's a pretty common issue with Z's and relatively minor in comparison to many of the ones we see. The Fairlady did come equipped with all of the standard power accessories of the day and then some. Power folding mirrors, windows, door locks, and automatic climate control were all fairly common, however, cruise control is a bit of a rarity. All are working as they should which makes the cockpit a great place to spend a day out cruising. Of course, the real draw is popping out the tops and rolling down the windows, but when it gets too hot for that the cold A/C has your back. One of the more interesting additions to this Z is the custom sub enclosure in the rear that's fitted with two 8" Polk Audio subs. If you decide that you'd rather have the trunk space back, based on the quality of the enclosure it should be an easy sell to a fellow Z owner. As of current the Alpine headunit and GPS are not powered so we have not tested it out. But with the twin-turbo VG under the hood, you'll have plenty to listen to on the drive home. The gauge cluster has been upgraded as well, blue LED's backlight everything and match the color scheme under the hood. Most speedometers in Japan top out at 180km/h, and with this being a sports car that needed to be rectified. The new Sport Z speedo now runs all the way out to a more proper 300 km/h (186mph.) Due to the obvious gauge cluster swap, the 79K miles cannot be verified.

Under the hood is the infamous VG30DETT (3.0 V6 Twin Turbo) that made this car so famous, to begin with. Mated to a proper 3 pedal, 5 speed makes it an absolute blast on the open road. This engine fires right up and idles smoothly through the Blitz catback exhaust. Acceleration is excellent and there's no question about when the turbos spool. The exhaust has a deep tone at idle that really opens up when you put your foot in it. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts well and the clutch holds the power well and shows no signs of slipping. Also mounted in the glovebox is a Greddy Profec Type-S for times that you want to get a little more out of the VG. The only other addition under the hood is the crisp HID retrofit. While these came with projectors stock, the light output was rather poor, so this is one of the more immediately useful upgrades. In order to ensure that it's safe for US roadways, a new battery has been installed along with 4 fresh tires and a routine oil change. With its timeless good looks, ample power, and a ride to match, there's no wonder the Fairlady is an icon. The only thing this Z32 is missing is a new driveway to call home.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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