1993 Nissan Cedric Y32 Show Car

This unique VIP style 1993 Nissan Cedric (Y32) was a full-on Magazine featured show build back in Japan. Not only did it turn heads in Japan it's on a whole other level when you start looking at what's on US roadways these days. Endless crossovers and lifted trucks as far as the eye can see. Something like this breaks necks at shows, yet is subtle enough to blend in with the normal crowd for those who don't know better. This Y32 is unlike anything you'd find at the Costco parking lot and that's just how we want it to stay. Countless hours of labor to make this static Cedric completely driveable at the ride height you see in the photos. Japanese VIP style in its truest form has always been more than just bolting on cheap aero and some knockoff wheels. Of course, we love all modified cars, but one-off custom parts really are what is at the heart of VIP style. Going a step further, building a car with a static ride height is deeply rooted in Japanese style as traditionally most cars you see these days have cheater systems (airbags.) If you're going to take the time to build a purpose-built machine then it needs to look good and perform even better regardless of the situation. In order to accommodate the staggered 18" SSR Koenig's a set of one-off metal fender flairs had to be made and grafted onto the stock body. The countless hours of refinement make it look as if this is how the factory intended to sell them. Of course, being a one-off show car means you can't simply go back with a drab factory paint color, especially when you start off with Super Black (732.) Instead, the entire car was resprayed in Grigio Silverstone Metallic, even down to the door jambs, that way everything looks uniform regardless of where you stand. The paint is what'd you'd expect out of a show car with a mirror you could nearly eat off. Being an actually driven car unlike trailer queens, there are still a few little stone chips and things of that nature, but that's what you want out of a functional car. Wise Sports Aero was turned to for the since they're the leading designers for the Y32 chassis. Stateside the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper are all extremely rare due to how few have made their way to the US. Of course, these parts would be modified but they served as a perfect starting point. The front bumper originally had a recess for a front license plate, which was shaved and the side skirts were modified along with the front fenders to give them a more modern look. The front fenders also received aftermarket vents which really take the car to the next level.

The interior has been kept to the same standards, if not better than the exterior has. Rare factory leather nearly matches the exterior. Japan is rather anti leather so finding one with it is a chore in itself. As if the leather wasn't enough, power seats are equally hard to find. Reserved for only the top-tier models we have a tendency to take for granted the little things like that. The matching leather door cards are in spectacular shape and tie the interior together nicely. A full digital gauge suite from the factory hints at the fact this isn't your standard Altima. Being a proper luxury sedan the Y32 comes well equipped; fitted with power windows, power-folding mirrors, and locks, this executive saloon even has a pointless credit cardholder. I mean, who doesn't need a pop-out cardholder on the fly. Automatic climate control came standard and is blowing nice and cold, and the heat is functional as well. You even have the rare chrome factory rain guards for a little extra ventilation. Of note, the turbo-equipped vehicles featured power-adjustable seats as well which nowadays you won't see in anything less than top-tier luxury cars. Not to be outdone by themselves they made sure to keep some things analog like the clock poised dead center of the dash. Privacy tint keeps temps down and shades the interior from prying eyes, for good reason. Naturally, you've got to have some sound for when you're rolling down the strip. Since this is our shop foreman's personal vehicle it's been updated with a new US Pioneer double Din with backup camera. A Rockford Fosgate R600 5 channel amp is recessed into the floor with matching 10" P2 subs in full custom enclosures to make everything look factory.

Fortune Auto supplied us with a perfect set of coilovers fine-tuned for the ride height which is the star of the show. It's becoming increasingly rare to find cars such finely tuned these days. Under the hood is the robust dual overhead cam V6 (VG30DET) with 100K unverified miles that starts right up and sounds wild through its catback exhaust. Its compact size, robust torque, and all the right turbo sounds make for a great daily driver; even with its ride height. The HKS mushroom intake and HKS SSQV give off a hint that this guy is no slouch. Power delivery is smooth and pulls strong from a standstill. The transmission engages with ease and shifts crisply when coming up to speed. Optional snow and sport settings help to make it something you could legitimately drive on the regular. The factory disc brakes were replaced with Nissan Skyline GTR ones since they offer a tremendous amount of additional stopping power, yet the steering is shockingly light for a car of this size. Hands down one of the best cars to make it to the states you really can't go wrong with a Y32, let alone this one. Naturally, there are countless numbers of small details that weren't addressed in the article since you'd be here all day reading. For those seriously interested we can always go over those with someone on the phone to help streamline the process a bit. It just goes to show that turning heads is the same from one continent to the next.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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