1993 Nissan Caravan 4WD Turbo Diesel

Sold: $9,995

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If you live and breathe the active lifestyle, a van is a convenient accessory. This 1993 Nissan Homy Royal definitely lives up to the name, delivering luxurious appointments and a premium ride. The Obsidian Metallic (1K9) over silver two tone paint shines well, highlighting the long slab sided aesthetic of this people mover. The paint is in great shape and looks awesome, the color is definitely unique to fit the rest of the van's vibe. The body has been kept in good condition with only a few minor dings and scuffs from normal use, and overall the entire vehicle is in fine shape. Noted for its long lasting Turbo Diesel and rugged 4WD system, this Caravan stands at attention, ready to take you anywhere in the USA.

Since it is a van, the interior is what the Royal is all about. The tan cloth interior has been well preserved over the years, free of any notable stains or tears. Up front is more than accommodating. Exceptionally bolstered, comfortable buckets are stationed in front of a huge glass windscreen, allowing for maximum visibility. Additional lighting comes from a front sunroof, which vents for better airflow. All of the creature comforts are powered such as the windows, folding mirrors, cruise control, and driver's seat. All of which function as they should, and add some comfort, versus traditional 1990's manually operated equipment. Automatic climate controls are in the front with a separate switch to control the rear air, which does blow cold. A newer headunit and leather Nardi Torino steering wheel are the only interior changes and complete the front portion of the cockpit. One of the coolest things about the Homy is the versatile seating options. The middle row is made up of two Captain's chairs that are adjustable forward, back, can be laid flat, or swivel 180 degrees. The rear 60/40 split bench seat will also lay flat or can be folded and flipped up behind the middle row. If you're looking for more storage and don't need the 3rd row you could pull the four 14mm bolts and with a little muscle take it out opening up 68" worth of usable space from the rear hatch to the back of the middle row. A massive, functional, rear panoramic sunroof competes the passenger experience. When not using the rear vented side windows, it rolls back fully allowing for a convertible sized opening. At night, the roof can be kept closed to create a view of the starts above. Colored curtains on metal tracks line the windows and can be closed manually to provide privacy if so desired or shade from the sun.

Making all the use of its 2663cc displacement Nissans TD27 diesel is easy to fall in love with. If you're into a long term relationships, that is a good thing, because this diesel only has 89K verified miles so its just getting broken in. Know for its copious amounts of torque, the little four cylinder fires to life with the familiar diesel clatter. Placed between the drive axles, this mid-mounted design lends itself to better handling characteristics than you might expect. The transmission shifts smoothly, and sends power to the drive wheels without any clunks or hesitations. The suspension handles large potholes well, and the brakes do a decent job of slowing the van down. A suite of mirrors, some of which power fold, alleviate blind spots (even when parking) and the cab over design gives a better than average command of the road. The road ways are kept better illuminated by oversize headlights and distinct looking Japanese market amber fogs. A new oil and filter service has been completed, ensuring no maintenance needs for another three thousand miles, and the vehicle has completed its Virginia state safety inspection.

Our Homy would make an ideal family hauler or marketing vehicle. Passenger comfort is second to none in these family transporters, and the low cost of ownership, and all-weather capabilities make this an all purpose workhorse. Drive away, in your turn-key Japanese people mover today!

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