1993 Mitsubishi Strada

Sold: $14,495

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You may not immediately recognize the Mitsubishi Strada at first glance. Once you peer a little deeper into it's history you'll realize this truck has quite the back story. Sold all over the world in many different guises, this workhorse is a legend. Here in the US it was seen as a Mitsubishi Mighty Max or the Dodge Ram 50 depending on your choice in dealer. Those came with rather lackluster power plants however, (per usual) Japan kept the good stuff for themselves. Full cab, short bed, turbo diesel, 4WD, and a manual, what more can you ask for? It's gloriously 90's styling is accentuated by it's Marina Blue Pearl (B34) and Gentile Silver (H28) two tone paint job. The paint has some serious shine out in the sunlight and looks great for it's age. The only minor blemishes are in the bed from loading and unloading cargo over the years. There is a bit of surface rust from where the paint was chipped off, however the bed itself is largely dent free and could easily be hit with a Rhino Liner to protect it going forward. The body has been kept in remarkable shape considering it's size, barring a few standard door dings it's very well maintained. Chrome accents really stand out off of the Marina Blue paint, while also adding functionality. Up front is a factory brush guard and out back the sport bar and matching bed rails. Even the factory rain guards are present and in good shape.

While the interior is purpose driven, it's far from sparse. The patterned two tone seats look great considering these were built around being a proper work vehicle. The driver's side is free of the typical bolster wear that we see in most taller vehicles and has been kept free of any tears or stains. The passenger and rear seats have only been kept up with even better. All of your controls are easily within arms reach and very well laid out. Atop the dash sports a similar setup to the go-anywhere Delica with an altimeter, inclinometer, and interior/exterior temp gauges. Hinting that while this is plenty fine for a Lowes run, it's also capable when you run out of pavement. Next to the gear shift is your 2H, 4H, and 4L selector giving you all weather/terrain capabilities. All of the creature comforts you'd look for in a daily are present and operating properly. The front windows are powered while the rears are a manual crank. Large power mirrors, and while not automatic we do have a proper heat and A/C system that's blowing nice and cold. Being a full cab the front occupants have gobs of space, while the rear seats have a surprising amount of head and legroom. You can comfortably seat 4 adults in here without feeling like you had to shoe horn everyone in.

What really sets the Strada apart from it's other variants is what's under the hood. Powered by Mitsubishi's 4D56-T this little 2.5L turbo diesel is a brute. While these motors were used in other vehicles, the Japanese market was the only one to receive it in the Strada. Coupled with it's 5 speed manual and you've got the ultimate setup. While stock, the suspension offers an abundance of clearance while providing a comfortable ride for day to day use. The diesel four cylinder quickly clatters to life at the turn of the key and is surprisingly quiet for a diesel. Opposed to it's naturally aspirated brethren, our turbo model is quicker than you'd expect. By no means is it a GTR, but it will certainly get you up to highway speed without an issue. Typically when you jump into the larger scale truck world brakes become a bit of a weak spot. We're happy to report that this full size pickup is surprisingly quick to respond to braking inputs and feels very stable under high speed braking. We have also installed a brand new timing belt and water pump and performed a fresh oil change bringing maintenance up to date on this unique truck. Don't miss this hidden gem!

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