1993 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

Sold: $9,995

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We love bringing over unique cars all of types and this Galant is one of the forgotten performance cars of the 90's. Everyone generally jumps right to the Skylines, Silvias, Subaru's when you think of performance cars but the Galant was Mitsubishi's original venture into the rally world. In '92 the Lancer stole the drive train out of the 6th generation Galant and assumed the role of homologation for the WRC series. This in turn allowed the 7th generation Galant to shake off it's regulations and come up with something a bit more unconventional. The VR-4 being the top of the line variant got a more aggressive front fascia, side skirts, and rear wing. The exterior has been kept unmodified and in excellent shape. The Alhambra Silver (H93) shines great and has a nice subtle metallic flake to it that really pops in the sunlight. The paint shows excellent with no notable blemishes or issues. The body has been kept in much the same condition with no severe dents or dings. There is one small spot on the hood (roughly 1/4 inch total) above the driver side headlight that is raised. We also noticed a spot on the driver side rear quarter that may have been spot repaired. Otherwise the exterior has been very well maintained, then again that is to be expected with only 25K miles. Even the factory rain guards are still in tact and in good shape.

The interior has been kept up to the same standards. The factory blue interior is in fantastic shape and makes for a great contrast off the silver. The driver side seat is free of the traditional bolster wear along with any rips or stains. The passenger and rear seats are even cleaner and feel quite supportive. The dash is crack free and the door panels looks great. The Galant came with many of the power factory features of the time; windows, door locks, and folding mirrors. A full factory automatic climate control works particularly well with cold A/C. Even the factory tape/cd/radio are operating as they should. I'm quite impressed by the look and feel of everything on the interior.

Power to all 4 wheels comes from the smooth 6A12TT 2 liter V6. The twin turbo's generate 237hp and revs quickly to the 7K redline. The V6 fires right up and idles very quietly as you would expect. The power comes on smoothly and drives exceptionally well. These were factory rated with a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds which is impressive even by today standards. The suspension setup on these were also cutting edge as one of the first full multi link to be used. At factory height the ride is great and handles particularly well. Between it's unique looks and performance pedigree these make for fantastic daily drivers for those looking to stand out.

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