1993 JZX90 Toyota Chaser

Sold: $13,995

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After much anticipation the JZX90 Chaser is legal for legal importation and it was worth the wait. This 1993 definitely has some choice upgrades. Right off the bat you notice the huge Greddy front mount lurking behind the Vertex chin spoiler and aero grill. Vertex side skirts help complete the very distinct front end. The paint has a very subtle metallic flake that really set off in the sunlight. Overall the paint is in good shape with minimal blemishes. It does appear that something may have been slid across the top of the trunk as there are some light scratches across the top of it. The body has been kept up well with no notable dents or dings. The front lip and side skirts mate up cleanly, as do the rest of the body panels. To cut down on wheel gap and body roll a set of Cusco coilovers were added. The Chaser has been fitted with a staggered set of 18" Work Schwert SC1's that are in pretty good shape.

The interior has some similar upgrades to keep up with the appearance. The driver's seat has been upgraded to a great fitting reclinable Recaro. The outer bolster does have some wear on it from getting in and out but not uncommon for something with such wide bolsters. A gold Momo wheel replaces the stock one and feels great in the hand. Otherwise the interior has been kept all original and in generally good shape. The passenger seat does have some wear on it but is free of any rips or tears. The back seat, on the other hand, appear to have been hardly used. The door panels do shows some signs of wear that can be seen in the pictures. Most all of the power accessories work however the sunroof is currently inoperable as well as the driver side rear window. All of the gauges function and is currently sitting at 92,500 miles. The A pillar on the driver side has some wear as well, it appears there may have been a gauge or two mounted there previously. Otherwise the rest of the interior has been well maintained and is free of any notable tears or stains. The automatic climate control does it's job well with cold A/C.

Because all show and no go is lame some basic bolt ons have been added to the 1JZ-GTE. Obviously the Greddy front mount intercooler, as well as an Apexi style intake. To help handle the boost from the twin turbo setup is a Greddy blow off valve. The upper radiator hose has also been replaced with a Cusco silicone one. To round things off a Fujitsubo catback exhaust was added which gives a nice deep tone at idle. The 1JZ-GTE fires right up and sounds awesome. Thanks to the added help breathing, the turbo's spool up quickly and pull hard to redline. Making it obvious why these are such popular drift cars in Japan. The exhaust has a great note without being absurd. Naturally that could be changed in either decibel direction. The same goes for the coilovers as they are firm but not going to rattle your teeth out. Between the 4 door practicality, gobs of power, and aggressive looks; how could you go wrong with a Chaser?

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