1993 Honda Civic Del Sol

Sold: $7,995

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Stock Number: 4260

Honda's heyday was the late 80's and early 90's. They were built better back then and certainly had way more personality. One of the cult cars of this era was the Honda Civic Del Sol. Capturing the spirit of the moment, this Honda won hearts by delivers unique looks, top-notch handling, and sterling reliability. This 1993 is offered with only 71K verified miles and is finished in striking Granada Black (NH503). The body is in good shape, although the common pitting, dings, chips, and scuffs that are associated with normal daily driving should be noted. Updated with a set of white Bridgestone BIM DHS051 alloys, this Del Sol is up to date on maintenance and ready to roam the open tarmac.

The cabin is highly stylized for typical cars in this segment. Honda's build quality and more premium materials have lasted the test of time. That is not to say this little coupe is perfect, as there is some bolster damage to the driver's seat and a damaged center console door should be noted. However, the rest of the interior is in good nick. For instance, the dash is neither discolored or cracked, unlike many Nissan products of this vintage. Subtle teal inserts break up the darker colored cabin and add a bit of style to the interior. The seats feel comfortable on long cruisers and provide premium bolstering, especially around the hips. While sashaying through the twisties, both driver and passenger stay especially snug. During cornering items in the cockpit may shift but a bevy of storage options are available for those onboard. Dual real storage compartments sit behind the front buckets, and a large glove box with factory manuals can be stuffed full of necessities. Upgrades inside the cabin are plentiful and include a MOMO Race steering wheel and knob, although the latter of the two is missing the gear pattern sticker. A Kenwood head unit can be obscured by a trim panel to streamline the interior. When the head unit is being utilized it feeds the rare factory Gathers speakers to pump tunes in the cabin. From a condition standpoint, the remainder of the interior plastics including the headliner, door cards have held remarkably well. The Del Sol did have tons of convenience features; locks, power windows (including rear window), and power mirrors. The A/C systems has a new condenser installed, and during summer, can reduce frostbite. For those who require additional ventilation, the neatest power feature was the trans top assembly which gave the driver a powered top stowage option. This system is no longer operational but as long the top is manually removed, it can still be used as a convertible. The gear that slides the top off was removed back in Japan. While the top can't be stored in the trunk, we realize that many won't mind, and we have taken it into account with the pricing.

The driveline on any 90's Honda is generally incredible, as is this example. The B16A is still a special powerplant and some of us still remember when these things screaming down city streets at 8K rpm. Benefitting from a fresh oil and filter change, this little 1.6L mill fires upon command. The engine revs freely and sounds fantastic in factory form. With a new air filter installed, it can breathe properly and deliver all of its approximately 170 ponies. It's mated to an especially communicative shifter, and powers the front wheels. The transmission shifts properly and lacks any grinds or hitches. The five-speed does great on the highway, and owners regularly return fuel economy cresting 30mpg. The suspension is compliant and handles large and small bumps with confidence. The steering is nicely weighted and the lightweight platform is easily hustled through the turns. The brakes feel stellar and allow this bantamweight to slow down to zero in no time. Grip handled by four new all-season tires, mounted and balanced by one of our expert technicians. They are equipped to handle wet and dry conditions while delivering great performance.

Honda's die-hards know how wonderful the EG-2 is to own. Easy to find and inexpensive parts make the ownership experience even sweeter, but are by no means the reasons why enthusiasts love this car. It's the sublime handling and aural sensation one gets when piloting this Targa that make it special, and an instant Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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