1992 Toyota Z30 Soarer

Stock Number: 4655

This '92 Toyota Soarer is the ultimate blend of luxury and performance. In 1992 the JZZ30 debuted in Japan as one of the most extravagant Grand Tourers of its time. With it's sleek and sophisticated styling it has proven to be an iconic design for years to come. While originally Dark Blue Metallic (8J5) its since undergone a full-color swap to Super Black which simply looks wicked on this one. While most of the bodywork has been kept stock it does have a subtle set of Vertex vented fenders. The front end has been upgraded with the last generation series 3 front bumper which keeps it looking OEM but gives the front end a more sleek look. With its small ducktail spoiler out back it makes for a nice little touch to the back end and helps with the side profile for sure. Rolling on a set of polished 19" Work Sporbo Fervore wrapped in fresh rubber are the icing on the cake. While looking largely stock all the subtle things are what set this one apart aesthetically from your typical SC300. The respray was well done, probably when the aero was changed up, as they took the time to paint all the jambs to ensure that it looks uniform. The paint shows great with no real blemishes to note which is usually indicative that it was recently done. The body is in great shape which is impressive for a car of this size. Inevitably there are still a door ding or two, but what 28 year old vehicle doesn't. 

The interior is finished in a lovely light grey which really pops off the black bodywork. Typically prone to staining this one has been maintained in fantastic condition. Being a proper luxury GT car it came fitted with all the bells and whistles like the power driver and passenger seat which is particularly rare for the era. With a mere 79K verified miles it comes as little surprise that the interior is in such great shape. Normally we expect to see some bolster wear or light staining, but this one looks nearly new. The dash and door panels are in far better condition than the average Soarer and are free from any of the typical issues that are normally seen on these interiors. The wood grain on the door panels is fading a bit, but if that's one of the biggest issues then we consider it to be pretty spot on. Chances are someone had an upgraded head unit that they pulled prior to leaving Japan, but luckily most are looking to replace them for something more US-friendly anyways. Since these were sold stateside any aftermarket adapter harness will fit so it's a very simply upgrade. While most are pixelated these days, the climate control screen is in great shape on this one. While we are quickly moving over to the fall and winter months, the A/C does work as it should so you're still covered for those few random hot days that we get. Naturally, you get all the power accessories that any proper GT would have life cruise control, one-touch driver's window, power locks, and power-folding mirrors. The Soarer really is an ideal candidate for an unconventional daily driver since it oozes luxury but has more than enough power hiding under the hood.

When it comes to engines, there isn't a much better sounding and performing option than the 1JZ-GTE. This twin-turbo 2.5l straight-six is arguably one of the best sounding engines to have ever been mass-produced, even in stock trim its surprisingly good. If that wasn't enough making more power is simple and relatively inexpensive. A reliable 400 whp 1JZ is not uncommon while still being tame enough to daily drive. On the other hand, the performance out of the box with just simple bolt-ons is more than adequate for most. The intake has been upgraded to an open filter setup so you can actually hear the twin's spool when you put your foot down. Boost comes on quickly thanks to Toyota's twin-turbo design and pulls strong throughout the RPM range. Being a proper GT car this one is fitted with an easy-shifting auto trans. While these can be turned into drift monsters, most people are simply in search of an enjoyable car to jump in and cruise which makes the auto so much more appealing. The trans engages without any hesitation and easily sends the power to the rear wheels. The suspension has had a little help courtesy of the adjustable Junior Spec Dampers on all four corners. Aside from helping to cut down on body roll since these are on the heft side, they also get the ride height dialed in on those 19's. While the SC300/400 were good cars, the Soarer was great. One test drive is all it takes to show you why the 1JZ powered cars blew away the SC's that we got stateside. Combining a level of luxury, dependability, and performance rarely seen makes this an ideal candidate for your next daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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