1992 Toyota Aristo 3.0V

Sold: $14,495

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The Toyota Aristo is a midsize luxury sedan packing a serious power plant. While similar to is U.S. counter part (the Lexus GS300) in many ways, there was one huge difference available for the Japanese models not offered in the United States. That difference was the 2JZ-GTE twin turbo 3.0l straight 6 engine. This is the same engine Toyota used in the JZA80 Supra made famous by the Fast and Furious movie series and capable of 600+ whp on an internally stock engine. In fact, the JZS147 Aristo chassis is so similar in design to the Supra that the majority of parts are interchangeable between the two cars. This 1992 example is the 3.0V model which designates the twin turbo engine option. Turning just 63k miles this Aristo is in excellent condition inside and out. The exterior is an unassuming Dark Green (6K2) and while stubble is in fantastic condition. The paint is very glossy and has very few imperfections. There are a few very minor scratches from washing but nothing that stands out. The exterior has a few modifications which we think really help this Aristo look the part of a powerful sedan. An Artisan Spirits Front Lip, Side Skirts, and Rear 3 Piece Lip have been added which add a nice touch and give the car a lower appearance. A set of 19" Lorinser LM-6 wheels finish off the European design the Aristo is known for. Finally a Fujitsubo catback with 4" tips looks menacing while maintaining a classy tone.

The grey executive cloth interior is in good condition as well with no major issues. The seats show minor wear and use, and have no rips or tears. The carpet is in overall good condition as well along with the door panels which have only minor wear present. The dash is free of any cracks or major sun damage and like the exterior a few minor modifications have been made to the interior. An Apexi S-AFC provides engine stats and ability to fine tune the fuel mixture while the Apexi AVC-R controls boost levels. An aftermarket navigation unit has also been added, however it will not function in the United States.

At the heart of this Aristo lies the famous 2JZ-GTE. Known both for its reliability and ability to make huge power with very little effort. Toyota claims 275hp from the factory, however these engine were notoriously under rated. Combine that with the Fujitsubo cat-back exhaust, HKS intake, Greddy front mount intercooler, Apexi S-AFC and AVC-R we would imagine 350whp would be a pretty safe bet. The engine starts quickly, idles well, and accelerates like a freight train. The automatic transmission handles the power very well and shifts are crisp and smooth. All of the amenities function properly including the A/C. This Aristo is one seriously cool daily driver and comfortable enough to go on any road trip one could imagine. Make this Aristo yours today!

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