1992 Suzuki Carry 4WD

Sold: $6,495

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The Suzuki Carry Kei truck is a long standing icon of reliability and usability in the Japanese market. Equipped with enough options to make even the most serious off road enthusiast envious this little truck packs a powerful punch in versatility. If that wasn't enough finding a legal one in this condition is nearly impossible. The exterior is far superior to most Kei trucks you'll find. It can be a difficult task finding a vehicle designed solely as a work vehicle in this type of condition after 25 years of use. The previous owner took very good care of this little truck. There are no major dings or dents and normal scratches you would expect for a work truck. The rear loading area and tail gate being the worst of the scratches and scrapes. The optional rear cargo light is present and functioning properly. Overall a very original and very clean Kei truck.

The interior is typically the first thing to deteriorate on these little trucks and is a great indication of how well it was cared for. The interior on this example is superb. The seats are in fantastic condition with no tears or cuts and only minor signs of age and use. The dash is in beautiful condition with no cracks or major sun damage. The door panels also show minimal signs of age and use. The steering wheels is in great shape with no cracking and the oem radio is even still present although not useful in the U.S. You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer interior on a kei truck!

Mechanically is really where this little truck really shines! The selectable 4WD is a fantastic option on these trucks by itself, however this truck also has electronically locking differential and locking axles! Drive wheel options are 4WD High, 4WD Low, and 2WD. This allows for fantastic gas mileage and higher cruising speeds on road, while still maintaining excellent off road capability! The 660cc engine starts right up and while it won't wins any races it will go from A to B without any complaints and if you happen to need to go off road on the way it can handle that too. The manual 4 speed transmission shifts well and the clutch does not slip. We performed a fresh oil change so this little truck is up to date on maintenance and it's ready to start a new adventure with you today!

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