1992 Suzuki Cappuccino

Sold: $10,995

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The Suzuki Cappuccino is the little race car that could, a true go cart on steroids. Coming in at a tick under 1,600 lbs with 50/50 weight distribution what's not to love? This is one of the few cars that can make a Miata look big, coming in at merely 130" long by 55" wide it's amazing how much can be crammed in such a small package. Our particular pint sized brawler has been kept all stock from the outside but with quite a few kei performance upgrades. The two tone Cordoba Red (0PZ) and Charcoal paint shows great for it's age. The paint has a deep luster and really shows off it's sporty lines. With 69K verified miles it does have some routine stone chips and blemishes to the paint, however nothing out of the ordinary for a car of this age. The aluminum bodywork has been well preserved, free of any notable dents or dings. While pictured in traditional coupe form the Cappuccino has a few tricks up it's sleeve. The top can be removed in several different configurations making it a real jack of all trades. With three removable panels you can have a traditional T top, fully removed for the full targa experience, or lower the rear wrap around window to the trunk making it a standard convertible. All while maintaining a proper aluminum roof to keep down on the wind noise and help to insulate in the colder months.

Despite it's diminutive nature the interior is shockingly spacious. The ergonomics of everything show how well thought out the Japanese approach form and function. The interior has been kept in excellent condition, free of any rips or stains. The leather shows well for it's age with no severe cracking or bolster degradation. The stock seats offer excellent support and really hug the driver well. Due to the nature of the Kei segment the vehicle is certainly geared towards smaller drivers. At 6'2" 135lbs I can fit however my head is at the roof with the seat all the way back. The Momo race wheel does help to try and offer some additional space under the wheel however my knees do crowd the wheel. I can comfortably drive it, but it wouldn't be my first choice to make a 10 hour road trip in. The gearbox is in the perfect location and has superb layout. The power windows are located on the center console and operate as they should. The climate control is functioning like normal with cold A/C for days when you don't want to pull the roof. In the passenger foot well are three pint sized Lamco gauges to keep an eye on boost, coolant temperature, and volts. To help with chassis rigidity when you drop the top a polished Quest roll bar was tucked in front of the back glass. The factory radio was upgraded with a newer Sony single din however it has limited function here in the US. Since it has been upgraded already though it will make putting in a new, US compliant radio, much easier.

Power comes from the mighty 657cc DOHC three cylinder (F6A.) Until you pop the hood nobody would ever believe that this thing is power by the fuel efficient .7 liter. The Fujitsubo catback has a surprisingly deep tone that pops and crackles on decel. The open intake filter pipes in loads of turbo noise under boost (which is most all of the time) making for an awesome soundtrack. Once you lift the K-Takeoff blow off valve has a distinctive chirp only amplifying the mighty little three cylinder. To help assist with cool air an upgraded set of Injen intercooler pipes have been fitted. To up the already nimble handling the Cappuccino is riding on adjustable Suzuki Sport Struts with what appear to be lowering springs. The front strut towers have been tied together with a M's brace and in the trunk is a Halfway rear bar. The little F6A fires right up and idles smoothly. The direct steering and superb gearbox make it an absolute blast on back roads. I can only imagine how well set up this would be for a tight autocross course. The gearing is surprisingly well set up for US roads, at 70 mph you're sitting at around 5K rpm with another 3.5K to go. Our techs have gone over the car to ensure that everything is turn key ready to rock. The previous owner also had the timing belt replaced at 27K miles. With it's incredibly balanced chassis, quick revving turbo, this featherweight is some of the most fun you can have on four wheels.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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