1992 Nissan Patrol AD

Available for: $15,995

Stock Number: 4851

The Nissan Safari (or Patrol) has been a legend in the Nissan lineup for 70 years so far and still in production. While the name and faces have changed numerous times over the years the principle has stayed the same. The goal was to build a proper off-road capable SUV that can take a beating and keep on ticking. These were built with a purpose so the styling had to reflect that. From the factory, this one is the high roof model which gives it a far more Safari vibe right out of the gate. Then when you add on a full Rancho lift kit and throw on some 35 x 12.5 x 15 Cooper All Terrains you really drive the point home. The tubular nerf step bars are legitimately useful as opposed to half of the ones we see for decoration, these make climbing up into this rig much easier. The only appropriate color choice for something as beastly as this is black. To prevent it from looking like a black hole they did two-tone the bottom half just below the door handles to give the large fender flairs some extra definition. The paint shows pretty well for being a big off-roader, especially one in black since that tends to show any little imperfection. There is naturally some light scratches in the clear and some stone chips, but nothing out of the ordinary. The most noticeable spots are the front of the fender flairs taking some excessive stone chips from the front wheels and the driver's side door having a few little scuffs. The same can be said about the bodywork, which is also a little surprising. Then again, being this tall it'd be hard for anyone else to do any damage if they bump into it while parking. The chrome trim adds for a nice pop off of the monochromatic bodywork.

The interior is cavernous, to say the least. Being the high roof model even your tallest friends won't find themselves feeling claustrophobic The tan seats look fantastic for their age. They offer ample bolstering for when the road gets rocky without squeezing you in like some of our buckets do. The driver's seat surprisingly doesn't have any lower bolster wear from hoisting in and out over the years which is a common issue. The passenger seat looks just as good with generally little wear. The back seats have some slight staining, but nothing particularly concerning. They're all free of any tears or seam rips which would be a bigger issue. The interior overall is in good shape but isn't free from issues. There are some small holes in the dash from a previous electronic mount for instance. And while the headliner is clean it does have some splits around the ceiling lights as they may have been added after the fact. All generally minor things when you're looking for more of a purpose-built truck and not a luxury cruiser. These were surprisingly optioned laden with power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and even rear climate control. The A/C compressor kicks on but with how cold it's been in VA it's hard to actually test how well it's actually functioning. While there is a DVD player mounted below the dash the head unit itself isn't powered so neither are working, which isn't much of a surprise when dealing with older electronics. Plus since they're Japanese they wouldn't have many functions stateside in the first place. The Altezza Disegno wood grain wheel on the other hand is a killer upgrade, bringing a little class to the interior. And since these were built for road less traveled they added a pitch, roll, and altimeter to the dash so you can actually prove just how tough you are. We also want to make note that the tach is no longer functioning. Luckily on something like this that isn't high strung and an automatic it doesn't have much impact on your normal day to day use.

Power comes from a monster 4.2L straight-six TD42 diesel. While the naturally aspirated diesel isn't known for its speed it sure is for its durability. When you're out on the trail you're looking for dependability, not straight-line speed. Not to say that the Safari doesn't have enough power to get you down the highway without concern, just don't plan on drag racing anyone at the light. With 115K verified miles you know it's only just getting broken in. Paired with an automatic transmission the big cruiser is easy to run around town in. There is even a power and hold feature depending on the situation which is a convenient feature. The trans engages with ease and runs through the gears without hitch, though shifts are a bit lackadaisical. Thanks to its massive twin batteries the 6 cylinder clatters to life with a quick twist of the key. Being a diesel it does have a locking choke for those cold days of winter. Since it's not something that usually crosses your mind it's worth noting that the Safari does utilize a 24V system as opposed to your typical 12V. Like all proper offroaders you've got a selectable 4WD for when you find yourself in a bind. The oversized Coopers do have some extra road-noise, but anyone with off-road rubber knows it simply comes with the territory. With its vast global popularity, it helps out when it comes to parts availability which is a worry many have when getting into the imported car world. For those of us looking for something a bit more out of the box than your typical Land Cruiser, the Safari has your back. You don't have to sacrifice comfort in the name of practicality or its off-road prowess. Now you can turn any trip into your own proper urban Safari.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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