1992 Nissan 180SX RPS13

Sold: $13,495

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Hands down one of the most capable driver's cars from the factory was the S13. The running phrase of the S chassis being the best chassis isn't just a quip. Light weight, well balanced, tremendous power potential, all wrapped up in one convenient package. This '92 is leaning a bit further towards the track side of things than the daily cruiser. Starting with the body; the front has been replaced with an Origin Lab front bumper that gives both a more sleek look and functional aero. That large central opening helps to direct cold air straight into the ARC Super Intercooler lurking behind it. Out back is an aggressive DRFT rear valance which really brings it all together. Kouki tails are no doubt the best looking option for these, and with the color matched rear garnish it's obvious to see why. Speaking of color, the Yellowish Silver Metallic (KG4) paint really gives this car a unique look. The color shows exceptionally well and takes on different shades depending on the lighting. The paint shows very well, and the FRP bodywork mates up rather well with the stock body. Naturally being FRP it's never as clean as factory OEM would be, but overall it looks good. The rear wing has been shaved, and the body holes have been filled. If you catch the lighting/angle right you can see faintly where they were filled, but you really have to be searching for it. The rest of the body is very straight, with only some minor little door dings. 17" multi spoke wheels really fit the street/track vibe exponentially better than the stockers would.

The interior is very purpose driven in this one. While it could be used for more routine daily driving, the fixed back bucket is definitely gear for performance than long cruise comfort. The seat is in surprisingly good shape, most of these tend to have accelerated bolster wear from getting in and out. There is a little bit of sun fading on it, probably from a harness, but no tears or stains. The passenger seat has been upgraded as well, however with a factory S14 seat. These offer way more comfort and support without looking out of place. A 3 spoke Momo and Nismo shift knob help to keep the driver in control at all times. Since it has several performance upgrades, in order to keep tabs on vitals two additional gauges were added to the center console. A rather clever adaptation of the clip on cupholders now house a Greddy Fuel Pressure Gauge and an Omoni Boost. Atop the steering column is a Greddy Profec manual boost controller (which is currently set to factory levels.) The rest of the interior has been kept original and in overall pretty good shape. It does have two of the ever common dash cracks along the top of the gauge housing. Both are largely out of the driver's line of sight but we wanted to make note of it. The door panels are in good condition, however the passenger one does have some minor separation along the top edge. All of the power accessories are still present and accounted for. Power windows, door locks, mirrors, and automatic climate control. All of which are functioning properly and the A/C is currently blowing cold.

Under the hood is Nissan's famed SR20DET. The aluminum two liter is known for it's performance capabilities in stock trim, let alone once you start giving it the support it deserved from the factory. To keep the intake temps down an intake was fitted to the turbo to run in conjunction with the aforementioned ARC intercooler. Out back is a custom dual tip blast pipe from the cat back. The pipes give it a distinct burble at idle without driving you up a wall at highway speeds. However due to the stripped rear and the upped exhaust this one is louder in the cabin than the more stock cars that we sell. The suspension has been treated to the same upgrades, Cusco front and rear strut tower braces help out the Tein coilovers. At 85K verified miles this S13 is in it's prime coming to us for a fresh start. Since we've had it here we've gone over the car and freshened up several routine maintenance items. A new battery lets the SR fire right up to let out that deep rumble. A fresh set of rubber helps to put the power down. And to make sure that's done in an even more efficient manner the clutch was previously upgraded with a stiffer aftermarket one, and the diff has also been upgraded with a 2 way lsd. So it's a good thing to have that fresh rubber for traction, since this car has no problem smoking the rears. Paired to a proper 5 speed make this car an absolute blast to rip around in. The power delivery is strong and the transmission smoothly rows through the gears. This car will be ideal for someone that's looking for a car they can jump in and immediately take it out and hoon around in. After all, the S-chassis really is the best chassis.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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