1991 Nissan Skyline R32 Series 1 GTS-t

Sold: $21,995

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Stock Number: 4770

JDM imports are now becoming some of the most sought after collectible cars around the globe. Models like this '91 R32 GTS-t are getting difficult to find, as Nissan isn't exactly building any new ones. With its legendary styling, durable drive train, and rewarding drive, there's no question as to why these are such true Japanese classics. Finished in a classic Black Pearl Metallic (732) finding an all OEM example like this really has become a tall order. The paint looks fantastic overall with no real blemishes to note. There are, of course, some light clear coat scratches and some little nicks, but nothing concerning. The same can be said about the classic bodywork which is in equally good condition. There are always going to be a few routine little door dings but nothing you wouldn't expect to find on any 29-year-old vehicle. Being a Type-M it does have some of the factory optioned aero like the side skirts and rear spats which are a nice touch.

The interior is quite lovely and in above average condition for an R32, having been left mostly unchanged from the factory giving a very authentic feel. The cockpit is driver-oriented, and the ergonomics are great in this model. The controls are all readily at hand and clearly labeled. The seats have been kept up particularly well, free of any notable tears or stains. We usually see some bolster wear or sun fading but both have been kept to a minimum. The door panels are both very clean and in the same shape. The same can be said about the headliner and carpet as they're free of any rips or major stains. Even the original steering wheel and shift knob are in great shape, as those typically take the most abuse of anything over the years. As we noted, this one is pretty much all OEM, but there are two minor tweaks. The head unit was replaced with a newer Carrozzeria which gets the job done, but you may want to upgrade to something a bit more current. The only other is an HKS turbo timer atop the steering column which is undoubtedly a period-correct mod. Those with a keen eye will spot the auto spoiler switchgear to the left of the dash which isn't terribly uncommon, however, finding one that actually works is. Once you hit about 50km/h the auto spoiler is dispatched to help keep the nose planted. You can always manually lower it as well with a quick press of a button. All of the typical power accessories are still functioning properly; power windows, mirrors, and locks. The only thing to note is the power fold feature on the passenger mirrors is inop, but you can still always close it manually if need be. The digital climate control is a nice touch and is working as it should. Since this one is a non sunroof model you don't have to worry about any water intrusion and it helps to drop a little unnecessary weight as well.

The engine bay is happily filled with the iconic RB20DET. The engine bay has been left largely untouched which inspires confidence that it's lived an easier life than it's raced out counterparts. With only 76K verified miles it's really only just getting broken in. The turbocharged two-liter jolts to life when you turn the key and sounds a bit more hearty through the slightly larger axel back exhaust. The straight-six architecture is silky smooth by nature which really you can really feel in the powerband. These straight 6's have some great torque down low that transitions well when the turbo spools. The Skyline's RB provides plenty of power without being overly aggressive for daily duties. Mated to a proper five-speed manual, it's obviously the most desirable drivetrain layout for these coupes. Delivering great feedback, it happily rows through the gears without a hitch or grind. The chassis on these feel confident in the turns without having to sacrifice ride quality. The steering is rather weighted and gives back strong feedback. With four new tires, it has plenty of grip regardless of the road conditions. Mechanically it was in great condition needing surprisingly little work; simply a new air filter to go along with the new tires and a routine oil change for good measure. Whether you're looking for a clean daily driver or a blank slate to build from you really can't go wrong with a stock, well-preserved car like this. The R32 has, and will always be a favorite among enthusiasts.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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