1991 Nissan R32 Drift Car

Sold: $18,995

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Stock Number: 4307

For those of you that have been following along at home, you've probably noticed that almost all of our cars are great daily driver candidates. Typically low mileage, clean, reasonably stock examples. While they may not be treated that way its always a great option. This, however, is not one of those cars. This 1991 R32 is a flat out purpose-built drift car with an incredibly extensive build sheet. We strive to do our best to list out any and all modifications made to the cars we sell, but this one will ultimately be best to go over by phone. The car has quite a few color elements going on. The full D-max widebody kit is a deep blue with a little bit of green undertone in it. The body of the car is dark charcoal which was hard to fully capture in the photos. The massive wing outback is a green carbon fiber which makes it a real standout (as if the size didn't already do that.) As for the trim pieces and GTR style grille, those have been wrapped in a carbon fiber vinyl to play off the wing and carbon pieces in the interior. Massive RAYS Gram Lights 57FXX sit on all 4 corners and really fit the aggressive look of the car. There's even a trick little TPMS and Temp meter that plugs into the 12V outlet for real-time monitoring when you're out sliding. Since nothing on this car is stock the lighting was upgraded as well. HIDs with LED angel eyes were retrofitted and match the LED tail light upgrade nicely.

While being a race car, the interior is still surprisingly well-appointed; all of the creature comforts were retained which is very uncommon. The turn signal mirrors are still powered, the windows all still operate, it even has the factory climate control with a nice double din Carrozzeria set below it. While originally equipped with a sunroof it has been sealed shut. Though it does offer some additional light in the cabin which is nice. Affixed to the Works Bell Rapfix steering wheel quick release is an elegant Nardi Torino wheel. To keep you properly planted behind the Nardi wheel is a Bride fixed back bucket with an even nicer Bride reclinable passenger seat. Both show quite well considering the amount of bolstering they bring to the table. The original gauge cluster was ditched for a full set of custom gauges that actually monitor engine vitals. Defi was used for most of the gauges however there are a Greddy Air Fuel and Lamco fuel gauge. Most of the gauges are functioning properly, however, a few are not currently hooked up like the Tach for instance. The Air Fuel meter also appears to be reading incorrectly, we speculate it's the sensor itself. Tucked in nicely amongst the gauge suite is a Blitz Sequential Boost Controller and Ultra speed meter since the factory one is gone. The shift knob is quite tall to make quick reach and the hand brake was upgraded to a full-on drift handle. Some other trick features include a Yashio Factory digital coolant gauge and FMIC water sprayer in the center console. And while there is a key to lock and unlock the doors, it has no impact on the ignition. Instead, toggle switches to the left of the wheel control the fan, fuel pump, power, with a Pivot push-start over on the right.

As if this car wasn't already crazy over the top, you pop the vented hood at Cars and Coffe and reveal that it's running an SR20DET which will surely draw a crowd. Of course with all this flash you need to be able to back it up. An APEX'i intake runs cool air through an R35 MAF to feed the HKS GT-RS turbo bolted onto a great looking tubular manifold. A GTR front mount with full hard piping looms behind the D-max front bumper and has the aforementioned Yashio Factory water cooler located in the trunk along with the battery relocation. An HPI aluminum radiator was also used with a switch inside the cabin to turn on the fans. Nismo 550cc injectors running off of a chipped ECU keep all that cold air in check. As you would expect, a full custom turbo back exhaust was fitted to really let this SR scream when you get into boost. No stone was left unturned on this build, even down to the Billion Racing Power Steering Tank and trans cooler mounted down in the passenger front wheel well. We can tell that it has Tomei Pon Cams, however, don't know if anything was done to the bottom end without pulling it all apart. Now while the top side of the car has a crazy amount of work done, the underside has just as much. The entire suspension has been redone with a combination of parts. Underneath the stitch welded shock towers are Tein Side Way Master Super Drift coilovers with the Swift spring upgrade in lieu of the stock struts. Ikeya Formula control arms front and back along with modified knuckles enable more angle at full lock. The subframe was pulled and powder coated and then had solid bushings mounted when it went back in. Nismo braced control arms and GTR sway bars were also added. With all this power you need brakes that can match so a Brembo big brake upgrade was done, and those gold calipers sure do look nice behind those RAYS wheels. This car is not for the faint of heart, it's a full on track prepped weapon. You don't come across many track cars that you can actually enjoy the ride to and from the event in. This one of a kind build is going to be gone just as quick as it is.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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