1991 Nissan Fairlady Z

Sold: $8,995

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This beautiful 1991 Fairlady Z just arrived at our showroom and drives just as good as it looks. The exterior is in great condition and it is clear the previous owner maintained this Z inside and out. The exterior has been lightly modified over stock giving it a very subtle improvement. The Veilside wing is a more pronounced version of the factory one giving a very dramatic rear profile. The front end took a similar approach, while still the factory front bumper it's been trimmed for a more streamlined look. The opening was back with a black mesh to clean up the look of the wide mouth. The Charcoal Pearl Metallic (KH2) paint is one of the best color options available for the Z32, really complimenting the sleek lines. The paint itself is in great shape free of any notable blemishes. Not to say that there aren't any routine imperfections like a stone chip or scratch in the clearcoat around the door handle, after all, with 136K verified miles this car wasn't a museum piece. Some of the less subtle improvements come via the lowered ride height, Tein coilovers bring the Fairlady to a much more appropriate stance. Lightweight 17" Kakimoto racing wheels were also fitted to better fill the wheel wells and also play off the charcoal bodywork great.

Scanning across the interior it becomes clear that Nissan focused heavily on a driver-centric cockpit. A wrap-around dash highlighted in grey cloth makes for comfy surroundings. For instance, the lower dash, glove box, and door cards are upholstered in the same soft-touch twill cloth that lines the seats in an effort to better tie together the interior. Being purpose-built as more of a grand tourer than a stripped-down sports car Nissan added some expensive standard equipment to make daily driving more enjoyable. Starting with the digital climate system featuring automatic climate control, which blows cold. Power windows, door locks, and folding side mirrors were all standard, we even have a more US-friendly Carrozzeria head unit. While stock is nice this one has quite a few complimentary aftermarket pieces to take the interior up a notch. A custom carbon fiber plate was added to the top of the center console where a Greddy Water and Oil temp gauges were installed to accurately monitor vitals. Above that mounted to the passenger side of the dash is an APEXi rev speed meter to give a true reading since those aged analog gauges can sometimes be off a hair. To ensure that the driver is never off, a far more supportive Recaro Confetti seat takes the place of the original one. Both driver and passenger seats are in great condition, free of any staining or tears. To keep you better connected with the car the steering wheel is now home to a Momo Corse race wheel and has been paired with a short-throw shifter. The new shifter makes a noticeable difference when you're rowing through the gears; its a considerably more crisp engagement. While all of this ties together well, it's the T-Tops that are the cherry on top. It's the added freedom of having the windows down, the tops off, and that VG singing in the background that really drives it home.

As beauty is only skin deep, the powertrain and chassis deserve their due. As there were two transmission options and motor choices; our Fairlady was equipped with the naturally aspirated VG30 and a proper manual transmission. While not as powerful as it's twin-turbo brother, these NA cars are no slouch. When you pull third and put your foot down the 2+2 gets on down the road with little hesitation. Its compact nature allowed for it to be placed further back in the engine bay and with the reduction of the turbos makes the cramped engine bay far more pleasant to work in. Plus these motors are also known for being considerably more reliable due to the reduction in moving parts than the turbo variant. The 3 liter starts quickly with a calm idle and accelerates beautifully. Shifts through the 5 speed are very precise and the transmission does not grind. Of course on the performance side, the Z hasn't been left out in the cold. To help keep it flat in the twisties the Tein coilovers have some additional help from the beefy front and rear strut tower braces. From the cats back a single exit Racing Sports exhaust gives the Z it's character bark. To make sure that the cast iron blocked beast stays healthy it was fully serviced upon arriving here. Four new tires, an A/C recharge, and an oil change later it's ready to roll. The previous owner took care of replacing the timing belt about 20K miles ago so there's still plenty of time before needed to look into that. For those after a proper sports tourer, there's really no better option than the Z32. Whether looking for a new daily or a weekend toy, this Fairlady has you covered.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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