1991 Nissan Cima

Sold: $8,995

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The Y32 Cima has been a popular platform in Japan for VIP builds for quite some time. This has led to a plethora of aftermarket parts being available for owner’s to customize their Cima. It’s still a new platform in the U.S. which allows for a unique starting point. This 1991 Nissan Cima is fully loaded and 100% stock with only 52k original miles. The dark green paint shines very nicely and looks great in person. It has no severe blemishes and all body panels are straight with no major dents or dings. Even the OEM rain guards are in good shape.

The interior has also been taken care of by the previous owner and has no major flaws. The driver’s seat shows some light wear but otherwise the seats have no rips or tears. The door panels and trim pieces are in good shape as well. The carpet has some minor staining, but is still well above average for a vehicle this age. This Cima is fully loaded with power amenities as well.

The 4.1L DOHC V8 sounds great at idle and under acceleration. It starts right away, idles correctly, and accelerates as it should. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly in every gear. This Cima also features top end options such as traction control and active suspension. All systems appear to be working correctly, including the A/C, which blows cold. Overall this Cima is well suited for a daily driver or the perfect starting point for a VIP build. Offered at $8,995.

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