1990 Toyota Supra MKIII Aero Roof

Sold: $19,995

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Stock Number: 4705

The JZA70 Supra was unfortunately never properly offered in the U.S. This model featured the 1JZ-GTE twin-turbo engine, which as time has proven, turns out to be a much better engine than the 7M that was offered in its U.S. counterpart. Like the infamous MKIV, the Aero Roof option was where it's at. All of the looks and practicality of the hardtop with the functionality of a vert. The angular wedge styling, paired with a hearty twin-turbo, made the Supra a performance icon of the era. The build quality and driving dynamics are the reason why it has stood the test of time, aging particularly gracefully. The exterior's edgy appearance has been kept all stock, just the way Toyota intended. Finished in the best color for these, Black Onyx (202,) it's a timeless color that looks particularly menacing. It's a real shame manufacturer's stopped using pop-up headlights; they just make the front end look oh so good. The paint on this one is in good condition, however, we wouldn't consider it perfect. The nature of black paint it always shows little swirl marks in the clear and light scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary when you're talking about a 30-year-old car. It does also have the typical distortion on the side view mirrors that seems to plague all MKIIIs but doesn't have any import on actual functionality. The body itself is in great shape though which is the bigger concern when it really comes down to it.

When entering the cockpit, it is apparent that the Supra was the pinnacle of Toyota's line of sporty cars as the interior of the JZA70 is far from lacking. Since these have always been a bit of a sport-touring coupe the seats are exceptionally plush. The bolstering is abundant to keep you comfortably in place when you throw it into a turn. Typically we see the bolstering start to break down from age and use, however, both driver and passenger are in great shape. The rear seats are just as clean since there couldn't have been too many people willing to squeeze back there in the first place. The dash is in excellent condition with no unsightly cracks or major sun damage which these are prone to. The door panels are also in great shape with no tears or major wear. Once you hunker down into the cockpit all of the gauges are nicely laid out making it easy to keep an eye on all of the pertinent vitals. Once you get settled down into the power-adjustable driver's seat it almost feels like a fighter jet cockpit the way the gauges surround you. The original wheel is even in great shape which is typically one of the first pieces to go over time. Down next to the gear selector is one of the first generations of a semi-manual gearbox. Now it's not as sophisticated as a new SMG or PDK but it does allow you to select a gear and hold it for when you start having a little backroad fun. The only other deviation from the factory is the 1.5 din radio which does work, however, you'll probably want to add something a bit newer ultimately. Being on the luxury side of things you get all of the standard power accessories of the time. A one-touch driver's window, power mirrors, power locks, and automatic climate control. Everything is functioning as expected, however, it's been really too cold here to verify just how good the A/C is.

None of the good motors ever made it here stateside due to emissions regulations and other bureaucratic red tape. Now is the chance to own one with the proper twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE power plant. These motors are notoriously powerful out of the box and have gobs of potential that can easily be tapped into. The fact that this one has been kept mostly all stock over its lifetime making it a bit of a survivor in our eyes. While the dash reads out 26K miles it wasn't technically verified prior to leaving Japan. Based on its overall condition we see no reason to doubt it, but technically it's listed as unverified. There's no doubt about when the turbos come online. The straight-six pulls like a freight train up to its 7K redline. Mated up to the automatic makes for a surprisingly great combination. Shifts bang off quickly and keep the 2.5L always in boost meaning there's never any lag. In stock form, the exhaust has a nice subtle tone, but you can quickly change that if you really want to make yourself known. A simple HKS open filter intake makes all the right noises, and it only gets better when you're cruising around with the top off. To help cut down on some of the chassis flex a Cusco strut tower brace was added under the hood. Mechanically we've gone over this one and done a fair bit of work to make sure everything is back in top shape. New rubber on all four corners makes sure you've got plenty of grip on hand. The intake filter was replaced along with the plugs, center bearing, and all four struts. One of the common issues with Toyota's of the era is for the ECU capacitors to begin leaking over time. We had this one rebuilt to make sure it won't be an issue that you'll have to worry about. Now that we have this two-door rocket back up to par it's ready to turn heads at your next car show. Even stateside these MKIII Supras are becoming a rare commodity. This Japanese example, packs more tech, more power, and more refinement under the same sheet metal. The brutal acceleration, confident handling, and well-sorted interior and chassis make it a Japanese Classic. A versatile platform and legendary drivetrain make this generation a bonafide Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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