1990 Nissan Z32 Fairlady 2+2

Sold: $13,795

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Stock Number: 4816

Right off the bat, the Z32 was renowned as one of Nissan's greatest sports coupes to date, and though 32 years have passed since it debuted it still rings true today. With its advanced cockpit layout, heaps of power, and timeless good looks there's no doubt about why. With its smooth, sculpted sheet metal, timeless proportions, and rewarding drive made for immediate success in the marketplace. While we see cars all the time with aftermarket aero, bigger wheels, and custom paint to make them stand out, the 300ZX never needed all of that to be a standout. The Charcoal Pearl Metallic (KH2) will always be one of the best color options for these. The metallic really pops out in the sun while complementing the factory lines quite nicely. The paint is in great shape which typically leads us to believe it was resprayed at some point. There are some scuffs along the chin of the front bumper but that's pretty common when you're dealing with low cars from the factory. The body is in good shape as well barring your typical little door ding or two, but what 31-year-old car doesn't?

The interior is has been kept all OEM, just as the body hints at. The Z's 2+2 configuration means you could squeeze someone into the back, but more realistically gives you an additional spot for storage. Having the bonus space makes everyday life a bit easier, even if it is just to throw a couple of bags of groceries in. The grey upholstery has been kept up with relatively well. The driver's side bolster does have a little bit of wear, but that's pretty common with the added bolstering that these sport. It's light enough at this point that a good upholstery shop should be able to get it right if you're worried about it. There is some discoloration/staining on the passenger and rear seats. We're thinking it may have been something that was sitting on them since it doesn't look like water damage. Being a proper GT these came packed full of power accessories. The driver gets a full power-adjustable seat which means you'll never have an issue with finding the right spot. From the driver's seat, the Fairlady feels like a cockpit with all of the important switches and gauges front and center. All of the powered features of the day like fogs lights, power windows, one-touch driver's window, folding mirrors, door locks, and automatic climate control. The expansive dash does have a bit of curl along the defrost vent, which is a common issue with the Z32s (you can note it in the photos of the dash.) The only other thing to note is that the radio isn't powered so we couldn't check out how the speakers are. Luckily it's an easy thing to swap out, typically people just put an old one back in place when they remove something newer and nicer before it leaves Japan.

As beauty is only skin deep, the powertrain and chassis deserve their due. As there were two transmission options and motor choices; our Fairlady was equipped with the naturally aspirated VG30 and a proper manual transmission. While not as powerful as its twin-turbo brother, these NA cars are no slouch. When you pull third and put your foot down the 2+2 gets on down the road with little hesitation. Its compact nature allowed for it to be placed further back in the engine bay and the reduction of the turbos makes the cramped engine bay far more pleasant to work in. Plus these motors are also known for being considerably more reliable due to the reduction in moving parts than the turbo variant, especially when it only has 50K verified miles. Thanks to a new 12V battery the 3 liter starts quickly with a calm idle and accelerates beautifully. Shifts through the 5 speed are very precise and easy to row through. We've gone ahead and taken care of a bunch of routine service work so the next owner won't have anything to worry about for some time to come. Four new tires make sure you've got plenty of grip on hand. A fresh set of plugs and fuel filter helps to clean up the idle. Four new struts get the handling back on point, these handle fantastically while still being a comfortable cruiser. We also went ahead and put on new serpentine belts, new shifter bushings, replaced the left rear wheel bearing, and flushed the diff fluid. With summer right around the corner, it doesn't get much better than popping out the tops and taking a long backroad cruise. For those after a proper sports tourer, there's really no better option than the Z32. Whether looking for a new daily or a weekend toy, this Fairlady has you covered.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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