1987 Datsun Sunny Truck

Sold: $13,995

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The Datsun Sunny Truck was a staple in the Datsun lineup for 23 years, remaining largely unchanged throughout its production. These utilitarian mini trucks were built as city friendly work horses designed to tackle anything thrown its way. In turn those humble beginnings are what made this truck such an icon today. The simplistic styling is timeless and grows better with each passing year. While factory is good, custom is always better. While not over the top our little Sunny has had some subtle improvements over the years. The most dramatic, yet factory looking, change is the front bumper. While it looks like an OEM+ option it's really a Dihatsu Mira front bumper in disguise. The top and center have been trimmed to fit what honestly looks like a factory option bumper. It's wild how such a minor change can have such an impact on the styling. Originally a white truck, it has since been painted in a standout shade of red. The color change was well done, including the engine bay, door jambs, and the bed so everything shade wise matches correctly. The body has been kept up with particularly well over the years. Free of any notable dents or dings, and we can even say the same about the bed which is the most prone to damage over time. The black and red theme throughout the truck looks exceptional, the chrome accents of the grill really help to set that off. The cherry on top are the gunmetal 13" Watanabe wheels which look good on literally everything.

While the interior is a bit utilitarian, it has been well maintained. The highback bucket seats have the headrest built in which made for a more sleek profile when you peer through the windows. The full black and red interior helps to round out the overall theme of the truck. Black wasn't an original color on these, so it was dyed back in Japan at some point. The color swap looks good, however not being factory it does have some slight shade variations. The same can be said about the color matched dash, as it appears to have been painted at the same time the color swap was done. A few additional changes have been made to the minimalist interior. The 4 spoke Personal steering wheel is a quality upgrade over the small stock wheel. And a matching Momo shift knob and hand brake round out the interior upgrades. All around the interior shows very well, free of the typical dash cracks or seat seam separation. Since all of the accessories were manual everything is working as it should.

Powered by the thundering 1.2 liter A12 4 cylinder the Sunny churns out a blistering 70hp. Making it both fuel efficient and a light weight race truck all at the same time. The capable 1200cc will get you up to highway speeds and handles better than you would anticipate with such a simple suspension design. The suspension has been slightly modified in order to level out the body. The middle leaf was removed from the rear dropping it 2" to match the stance of the front end. While that did stiffen up the suspension a bit it didn't dramatically change the ride quality. It rides well over highway imperfections and the steering is pretty spot on as most have a tendency to have some play in the steering wheel. The brakes on the Sunny are more than capable for the light little truck and offer ample pedal feel. The 4 speed shifts with ease and the little 1.2 liter is rather rev happy. Kicking around town in it is a blast, and with it's current modifications it turns heads everywhere it goes. Thanks to it's simplistic design means these are easy to modify as well which has made this chassis extremely popular for builds. This one came in with 18K miles, however due to the 5 digit odometer the mileage could not be verified. Based on how clean the truck is we have no reason not to believe it to be accurate. With the iconic styling and more than capable drivetrain these are the perfect all around truck. Whether you're looking to make dump runs or build a slammed show stopper, the Sunny can tackle any task.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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