1985 Datsun Sunny Truck

Sold: $12,995

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The Datsun Sunny Truck was a simple, durable, and useful light duty pickup, designed for the Japanese Market. Through its nearly quarter century of production, it remaining largely unchanged throughout its production. These utilitarian mini trucks were built as city friendly work horses designed to tackle anything thrown its way. The simplistic styling is timeless and grows better with each passing year. While factory is good, custom is always better, and this example doesn't disappoint. And while perhaps a bit on the eccentric side, this 1985 Sunny has had some mild and wild improvements. Starting with the signature Powder Blue finish, the exterior is in good overall condition. Despite normal scuffs and scratches around the tailgate, it is obvious this wasn't a work truck. The color change was well done, including the engine bay, door jambs, and the bed so everything shade wise matches correctly. The body has been kept up with particularly well over the years. Free of any notable dents or dings, and we can even say the same about the bed which is the most prone to damage over time. There is one small bubble of surface corrosion around the passenger gate stop, but nothing of real concern. I say that because this truck has one of the cleanest underbodies to come through here. While the pictures make it look good, in person it's even better.

The centerpiece of this vehicles features in the plush, custom interior. Nissan actually contacted Aunt Ethel from the borough of Brooklyn to reupholster her couch, and donate the old material to the factory. Jokes aside, the door cards, pillars, seats, carpet, and visors have all been redone with floral printed crushed-velour. The dash has even been fitted for a custom cover with golden tassels. Wooden door cranks and shift knob set off any last bits of OEM caramel colored accent work remaining, such as the steering wheel. As you might expect, the switch gear is very basic. An AM radio functions with its analog dial, and a tiny turn stalk just out from the steering column. A heater and A/C unit, which looks like an afterthought sits below the passenger side of the dash. Ahead of the roll down winds, wind wings provide a touch more ventilation to the cabin when the windows are up. Visibility is decent, and out back, the more desirable long-bed option awaits. Legroom and shoulder room are sufficient, and the odometer reads an incredible 37K verified miles.

Powered by the thundering 1.2 liter A12 4 cylinder the Sunny churns out a blistering 70hp. Making it both fuel efficient and a light weight race truck all at the same time. The capable 1200cc will get you up to highway speeds and handles better than you would anticipate with such a simple suspension design. 13" Watanabes sit at all four corners, and give some the car a sportier character. The handling is anything but, as trucklet does feel confident at highway speeds and around town driving. It rides well over highway imperfections and the steering is pretty spot on, as most have a tendency to have some play in the steering wheel. The brakes on the Sunny are more than capable for the light little truck and offer ample pedal feel. The 4 speed shifts with ease and the little 1.2 liter is rather rev happy. Kicking around town in it is a blast, and with it's current modifications it turns heads everywhere it goes. Thanks to it's simplistic design means these are easy to modify as well which has made this chassis extremely popular for builds. With the iconic styling and more than capable drivetrain these are the perfect all around truck. Whether you're looking to make dump runs or build a slammed show stopper, the Sunny can tackle any task.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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