1998 Toyota Land Cruiser 100

Available for: $25,995

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As a dealership chock full of truck guys, we've eagerly anticipated the arrival of Toyota's 100 series Land Cruisers for a while now. Now that they're finally legal, it goes without saying that the brand really hit the mark with these fantastic rigs, as they offer up the interior space, quality, and formidable on and off-road prowess to make any aspiring overlander swoon. Our one-off Stealth Black example is as good of an introduction to the chassis as any, and even sports a few choice Japan-exclusive aero upgrades to start. A tasteful TRD front lip spruces up the fascia a bit, and LED tail lights and a TRD rear spoiler add a touch of class to the back half. There's also a trick set of EGR rainguards that help protect you against the elements. Rounding it off is a set of late-model Toyota alloys that do a great job of adding a touch of modernity to the exterior. Aside from some light paint chips throughout and a noted replacement of the tailgate in Japan, the exterior should suit it's next owner well. Underpinned by a bulletproof V8 powerplant and full time 4WD, this 105k mile Cruiser is barely broken in, and looks the part save for a few expected age-related chips and dings along the exterior. Comfortable, capable, and cavernous inside, this Cruiser is the Japanese Classic of your dreams.  

Compared to the Land Cruiser 80 before it, the 100 series received a complete overhaul in terms of interior quality and amenities. The larger, more spacious interior still featured the power amenities you've come to know and love from the brand. Power windows, power-folding mirrors, and a power moonroof are all easily operable and accessible at the push of a button, and the power locks work nicely too. The seats have been protected with a set of durable black leather seat covers and show well overall, nicely contrasting the complementary tortoise trim that spans the interior from the center stack to the steering wheel. The dash is in great nick, with no cracks or unwanted UV damage to be found, and dual front SRS airbags are on hand to give your passengers some additional piece of mind. Dual-zone climate control is standard, and is fully functional down to the ice-cold A/C that flows freely about the cabin. Hot heat is on tap as well for when you inevitably test this Cruiser's durability in the winter weather. The tired OEM audio has been replaced with a more modern Bluetooth unit by Pioneer, and the sound quality is fantastic and on par with most other luxury SUV's. The second row rapidly folds forward should you need additional cargo space in the rear, and the Cruiser's signature clamshell tailgate allows for easy loading and unloading of large goods. Overall, we can't say enough good things about the 100's interior, and if you can see past some minor wear on the interior plastics, we think this is a great candidate for the next owner to haul whatever or whomever they choose! 

These "Lexus Land Cruisers" truly offer the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and capability. It's remarkable how plush this solid axle, body-on-frame beast is on the road. Sporting a potent 2UZ-FE under the bonnet, this voracious V8 cranks over with the twist of a key, care of a new 12v battery installed in-house to properly test the alternator. A new engine air filter keeps the 4.7l breathing freely, while a new fuel filter keeps any unwanted 25 year old contaminants from entering the fuel system. To help keep operating temperatures in order, we dropped in a fresh radiator and she now runs right as rain. A fresh oil and filter service was also performed, although it's worth noting a slight seep from the upper oil pan and valve covers. While we understand this can be a labor-intensive job, we've priced the vehicle for the next owner to budget for the repair if desired. These V8 Cruisers offer substantial get up and go and are probably one of the most highway capable SUV's we currently offer. The automatic gearbox is a lovely mate for what's under the hood, and a selectable transfercase is at the ready, along with a center-locking differential so you can show off your off-road chops. The suspension glides over bumps, potholes, and loose terrain with ease, and our trained technicians have mounted new inner and outer tie rods all the way around to keep the drivetrain compliant. For overlanding and voyages off the beaten path, the suspension is factory height adjustable, and the firmness of the dampers can be adjusted as well. Both features work as expected and make a noticeable difference in the drivability of the truck when engaged. The brakes do a swell job at halting this prominent rig, and the power steering is light, direct, and comfortable wherever you take it. The alloys are wrapped in good Bridgestone all-season rubber. They do a great job of keeping road noise to a minimum and should treat the next owner well for the road ahead.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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