1994 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed

Sold: $11,495

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Stock Number: 4552

It's taken the US years to get caught up with Japan when it comes to capable, yet luxurious, SUVs. Really until the introduction of the Escalade SUVs were pretty bare-bones and bland. Japan, on the other hand, was at it right off the bat and this 94 Pajero Exceed is an exquisite example of this. The Pajero has earned a respected legacy in rally after winning the grueling Dakar a world record 12 times. All that while still being able to carry 7 in comfort. It's two-tone silver and blue paint is accented by a pop of gold body line stripe which helps make it a real head-turner. That and all of the chrome; from the rear ladder to the brush guard up front, this thing is sure to stand out in a sea of SUVs at your local grocery store. The two-tone silver/blue paint is in fantastic shape with a deep luster. Barring a few stone chips and some light surface scratches this rig looks as if its never actually seen any time off the pavement. While those bright red rally flaps were added to cut down on flung dirt it does still help to prevent unwarranted stone chips on the quarters. The same can be said about the bodywork as its largely dent or ding free. Upfront the giant Super Rally fogs lead the way in less than perfect weather and simply look awesome. Upgraded 16" BFGoodrich Deerfield alloys make for a beefy upgrade over stock, especially wrapped in new 32" Falken all terrains. Full factory rain guards help to cut down on wind buffeting and allow for ventilation during summer showers when you'd rather not run the A/C. This Pajero really looks the part of a proper off-roader, but luckily looks aren't all this one packs. 

The interior is nicer than most of the luxury sedans that we sell. Rare factory leather adorns all three rows. While the Japanese generally don't opt for leather due to the fact it shows wear a bit faster, it is far easier to keep clean versus cloth. Barring a little wear on the base of the driver's seat from getting in and out the seats look fantastic. From the passenger seatback, they all look nearly new. The third-row jump seats are a great addition for when you need to pile in a few extra people in a pinch. When the cargo space is more important they can be folded up and tucked neatly away providing copious amounts of space for your run to Costco. Also, a bit uncommon to see is the full woodgrain treatment upfront which is a nice touch. The Pajero has one key feature that puts it leaps and bounds ahead of its competition, and that's the suspension front seats. Similar to the designed used in big rigs, the seat has its own suspension system to double its ability to soak up rough roads. They're also heated for the winter which is another nifty little addition we don't see often. Of course, you still have all of your power options of the time like power windows, mirrors, and locks which are functioning as expected. The fully digital climate system is a bit more sophisticated than the average and has loads of different settings. The A/C is cold for the front passengers and to make sure the rear is happy with there temps you have a full secondary system for them on the back of the center console. If you'd rather opt for fresh air there's a massive sunroof positioned a bit behind the driver and has its own, hard to find, wind deflector. Hinting at its real off-road pedigree atop the dash is your altimeter, inclinometer, and digital compass. The aftermarket head unit does work, however you'll probably want to switch it out for something more current in due time.

The power comes from Mitsubishi's stalwart 6G74 which is a DOHC 3.6L V6 with only 83K verified miles. The gas setup in these were the same as what was used in the stateside Montero meaning maintenance is a breeze. You could literally take this into your local Mitsubishi dealer if you really wanted to. These make great power, factory rated at 186hp/226tq you've got more than enough on tap to get you up to speed on the highway or out of a rut. Paired up with the automatic makes it great around town as your newest daily. The trans engages with ease and the shifts are pretty fluid considering its an SUV and not a Skyline. The "Super Select" 4WD system was quite advanced for being a '94 featuring on the fly select-ability between 2WD, 4WD High, 4WD High + Locked Center Differential, and 4WD Low + Locked Center Differential. All of these options can be selected at speeds up to 62 MPH. This is the portion that really shows off the offroad capabilities that set them ahead of the likes of Toyota. The V6 idle is quite smooth and the cabin noise is kept to a minimum. One thing to note is that the traction light is on which appears to be a rather common issue across the platform. Admittedly the system is a bit crude to begin with as this was really the early stages of these systems so it doesn't have much impact on the actual drive itself. Along with those four new Falken's we've done a routine semi-synthetic oil change as well to make sure you could drive this one back home same day. The steering and suspension all feel good, and this behemoth cruises over road imperfections without batting an eye. An affordable, stylish, and supremely luxurious option, without the price premium price tag of a similarly sized Toyota Hilux, the Pajero is a great option for a proper Japanese SUV.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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