1993 Toyota LC Prado

Available for: $22,995

The 70 series Pardo is one of the coolest SUV's to be built in Japan for a lot of reasons, but if you had to pick the biggest reason? It's definitely the looks. One can only guess what the designers had in mind when they were tasked with the job of designing the 70 series, however, it's hard not to see the resemblance of the classic 40 series Land Cruiser wrapped in just enough modern touches. This 1993 Prado SX wide model is menacing in all black. While it originally left the factory in Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1) as with the large majority of Land Crusiers in Japan this one has received an all-black respray. The paint quality is good but does show light blemishes from daily use. There's a scuff on the left front bumper which is visible in the photos. Additionally, some light scratches and dings associated with normal use over the years. That being said the body is free of any major damage dings or dents. The exterior remains stock and with a design this cool, there's no need for many aftermarket parts. An upgraded set of wheels is the only modification to the exterior.

The interior of the 70 series shares the same boxy design as the exterior. Simple yet well executed and well laid out. The seats are soft and comfortable enough even for extended road trips. The front seats show minor wrinkling on the outside bolsters from entering and exiting the vehicle but no rips or tears. the middle row and third row seats are in fantastic condition. The HVAC controls function properly and both the heat and A/C work to keep you cool in this upcoming summer months. The door panels have aged quite well, but do show some light wear and both the driver front and passenger front panel have a few very small nicks at the top which has caused the vinyl to split slightly. The center armrest also has some sun fade however, the dash has held up very well over the last 28 years and shows no major UV damage or cracking. An aftermarket headunit has been added which has power and turns on but the LCD screen is no longer functional and a proper US frequency replacement is a quick and easy fix should you choose to do so. Overall this Land Cruiser has a very clean and well kept interior.

Powering this Prado is the 1KZ-TE 3.0L turbo diesel engine. While we do want to note that the odometer is no longer functional and the vehicle is being sold as unverified/not actual miles. The odometer stopped working at 93k miles, however, we do not know when that happened. The engine starts like a top and idles smoothly. Getting up to highway speed is quick and easy for such a heavy vehicle although don't expect to win any races while doing so. Shifts through the automatic transmission are pleasant and without issue and the 4WD system has been tested and is functioning as it should be. Since this SUV is 28 years old our technicians did note there is some seeping around the rear differential and oil pan. Our trained technicians have installed 5 new tires, performed an oil and filter change, a new battery, new engine air filter, and flushed the rear differential. Bringing this classic Land Cruiser up to date on necessary maintenance. Don't miss this iconic Japanese Classic!

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