1993 Subaru WRX

Sold: $17,495

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There's no denying there was something special about the first-generation WRX. It's relatively lightweight body, powerful turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, and performance oriented AWD system all wrapped up in a 4 door sedan make for one enjoyable and yet practical daily driver. It's no wonder nearly 30 years later it's still in production and the formula hasn't really been changed.... at all. This 1993 example is proof of how little the WRX has actually changed over the years. This AWD sedan has just 113k verified miles on it and while the exterior is largely stock it does have some nice upgrades we will get to shortly. The exterior is finished in Light Silver Metallic (262) and is in overall great condition for it's age. There are a few minor chips and scratches associated with normal use but nothing major. Likewise, the body is very straight showing no major dings or dents. A set of later model WRX wheels have been added updating the look slightly and a set of red mudflaps add a bit of excitement to the otherwise stock exterior. Finally, a set of Cusco adjustable coilovers have been added to further improve the WRX's already excellent handling capabilities.

Inside the cabin is an interesting mix of completely OEM and performance. You'll immediately notice a 6 point Safety 21 bolt-in cage has been added, complete with door bars. Further aiding in stiffening up the chassis this bolt-in cage is so well designed you hardly notice it once you are sitting in the driver's seat. The rear seats are even still functional, a rare thing to find in a sedan with a cage. Otherwise, the interior is almost completely stock and in great condition. The dash has no cracks or major UV damage from age. The seats are in excellent condition showing no rips or tears and no major staining just some minor wrinkles on the driver's bolster from entering and exiting the vehicle. Additionally, the door panels are in great condition as well with only some small indentations visible on the driver's front panel near the door jamb. The center stack includes an automatic climate control which functions properly and the A/C and heat both work. Below the HVAC controls, you'll find an upgraded Sony minidisc player which does work however it's worth noting that it does not pick up U.S. radio frequencies, so we hope you have your mini disc collection ready!

Under the hood is the EJ20G, 2.0L turbocharged flat 4 engine. This peppy little 4 cylinder fires right up thanks to a brand new battery along with new spark plugs our technicians installed. The idles settles to a low rumble instantly recognizable as a Subaru and slightly louder than stock thanks to an aftermarket Kakimoto cat-back exhaust system. With a final drive of 4.111 and a VLSD center differential the AWD system is sporty and fun to drive. Being capable in all types of weather, it's hard to beat the performance and practicality of this WRX. Acceleration is brisk and the happy 4 cylinder revs through the RPM range easily. Our technicians have also replaced the engine air filter and performed an oil and oil filter change as well as flushing the front differential fluid. Finally, we installed 4 brand new tires bringing all of the necessary maintenance up to date. Making this WRX ready to be enjoyed for years to come in its new home in the USA!

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