1992 Land Cruiser PZJ70

Sold: $14,495

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Straddling the line between classic and modern, the 70's series of Land Cruisers look like its 40's series forefathers, while successfully integrating modern underpinnings. Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds! This 1992 combines a manual transmission, with one of Toyota's most indestructible diesel power plants ever produced. This stellar drivetrain is fashioned between a short wheelbase, two-door frame, which makes this truck a great off-road option. Finished in a Toyota's classic (045) White, over a blue/gray thatched cloth interior, the body, and paint are in good shape, other than the normal dings, chips, and scuffs associated with normal use. Adorned with an aluminum roof rack, metal bumpers, and new all-terrain rubber oversize tires mounted all around, this Land Cruiser is asking to take you on your next adventure. 

The cabin of the 70 has a few more modern amenities and features than you might expect. Despite the exterior's slightly imposing disposition, the interior is more than liveable. The driver has all the necessary controls at hand and sits above traffic with a great command of the road. Behind the wheel, a tilt column can be adjusted to your driving preference and an upgraded Personal steering wheel modernizes the cabin a bit. The headroom is plentiful inside, and the cream-colored headliner above is still tight and taut. The cloth front buckets are in good shape, with only minor blemishes, and feel comfortable on long drives. The same can be said about the rear bench, which can seat three additional adventurers. When more cargo room is demanded, the tailgate can be split open, similar to barn doors, which created a wide loading area. If you have bulk cargo to carry, the bear bench conveniently folds away into the side glass, which adds some much-needed volume. Window bars provide additional protection for the side glass if our cargo shifts during an off-road excursion. The A/C and heat function properly to make all season ownership plausible, and the old owner even installed a functional Kenwood head unit which powers the speakers as it should. Privacy tint has helped to keep the interior in good shape, as it significantly reduces interior temps when the air conditioner is not being utilized. Most of the interior plastics have been well preserved including the dash, which only has light sun-related discoloration as the center console. Overall, it is apparent that the old owners cared for this car, and the mechanicals reflects this same sentiment. 

Under the hood, Toyotas stout 1-PZ diesel sits primed and ready to tackle any and all duties. This naturally aspirated, 3469cc mill is an inline five-cylinder diesel. With a turn of the key, the motor fires up and sets into a consistent idle. Benefitting from a fresh oil and filter service, this 155K original mile need not be serviced for another three thousand miles. While not the most powerful, the lack of a turbocharger, and the heat it creates, is actually a great thing for longevity. This 4WD ute accelerates up to highway speeds without any hesitation, and the manual transmission makes you feel like you have a few extra ponies in the stable. For the low speed, treacherous terrain, the HUB locks can be accessed electronically through the push of a button to the right of the steering column. The stick shift, which features a selectable transfer case, is direct and easy to use. The 5 speed happily rows through all the gears and doesn't grind or clunk. The suspension takes large bumps happily, and the brand new Nexen rubber quiets down the interior noise levels so that a conversation is manageable. The steering and brakes are certainly not that of a Supra, but are both confident and assured. On or off the pavement, it's a blast to experience driving this thing!

Representing Toyotas storied transition from simple bare-bones truck maker to a roadgoing, people hauling, SUV took many years. For those who romanticize the past, but want something a little bit more refined, this Cruiser fits the bill. Legally imported, and fully maintained this iconic truck is a turn-key Japanese Classic.

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