1990 Skyline R32 GTS-4

Sold: $14,495

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The GTS-4 is the highest trim level available for non GTR model R32's. The GTS-4 comes standard with all of the Type M upgrades including larger 4 piston brakes up front and 2 piston brakes in the rear. Also included is the ATTESA 4WD system which is the same system used in the GTR. The GTS-4 also has much lower production numbers when compared to the GTR or the GTS-T making these more difficult to find. The exterior of this 1990 example is in over all great condition. The exterior is finished in Nissan's Diamond Black Pearl (732) and shows well for its age. The exterior has received several nice upgrades including a GTR front bumper and lip along with a GTR rear spoiler and Bomex side skirts. There are some scrapes on the front lip but otherwise a very clean exterior.

Stepping inside the cabin you'll find an equally clean interior. The seats are in fantastic condition and show very minimal wear. The door panels are also very clean with no major damage and no cuts or rips. The fabric insert on the drivers side is starting a fray just a little above the door handle, but the fabric is otherwise in good condition. An aftermarket steering wheel, shift knob, and head unit have been added to the interior. Opening the glove box will reveal some nicely hidden gauges and controllers including a Greddy EGT gauge, Greddy Boost Gauge, Greddy Injector Controller, and a HKS EVC all tucked away neatly in the glove box, maintaining the sleeper look perfectly.

Upon first glance you might not notice the upgrades in the engine bay. However, upon closer inspection reveals an upgraded Greddy (IHI) RHC6 turbocharger, which mounts to the stock manifold and uses all OEM intercooler piping. A Greddy external wastegate is neatly tucked away behind the turbo and a Greddy downpipe completes the bolt on kit. In addition an ARC side mount intercooler increasing capacity and cooling of charge air while not attracting the attention of a front mount intercooler. Finally a M's air filter and Fujitsubo catback exhaust complete the low key (but effective) modifications. Driving this R32 you'll instantly notice the boost in power the Greddy turbo provides as acceleration pushes you back in the seat. Shifting through the 5 speed AWD transmission is smooth and clutch engagement is excellent. This is one well modified GTS-4 with just 109k miles that uses all high quality Japanese parts and is one fantastic sleeper!

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