1995 Toyota Cresta JZX90

Stock Number: 4626

The JZX90 chassis is hands down one of the most versatile and underrated cars sneaking onto the roads today. Normally we would go on about the fact its a rather understated sleeper; packing a twin-turbo straight-six hiding beneath a rather subtle sedan body with enough space for 4 comfortably. Today that's not the case. Our latest '95 Cresta is anything but under the radar. Full aero, widebody fenders, a one-off paint job, and a big single turbo conversion makes for anything but subtle. Since we're still several years off from being able to import the next generation JZX100, a full front end conversion is the closest we can get in the meantime. A full Kunny'z front end was installed which covers the hood, front bumper, headlights. The 30mm vented fenders are most certainly a one off design that gives the front end one serious mean look. Especially with the giant Greddy front mount intercooler filling up the bumper. Origin Labo side skirts and rear bumper complete the look, which is unlike any other 90s that we've brought over. As if all the aero wasn't wild enough they went ahead and threw a one-off Le Mans Sunset Metallic paint job over it all. The color is wild, the metallic really pops without being a crazy bright paint job in the first place. They did a good job on the swap including painting all the jambs leaving only the engine bay still in the original Opal White (046). Seeing as all of the aero is aftermarket FRP we're pleased to say that it all mates up rather well with the stock body. Of course, aftermarket aero never mates up as nicely as the original but its definitely above average. Both the paint and body are in rather good condition. It looks like the rear fenders were rolled and pulled to help match off on the widened front end prior to paint. It looks like the car was probably shot not too long before leaving japan as there are very few minor issues like some small bubbles and things of that nature. Rolling on a set of Black Chrome 18x9.5 Stage Knight wheels builds on the already drifty vibe and fills up the wheel well nicely. While a combination of G-Master and Tein coilovers get the Cresta dialed down to a more appropriate ride height for the style.

The interior on the Cresta has been given a more purpose-driven feel when you climb into the cockpit. Not so say that it's been stripped down and gutted for weight savings, it was just evident that it was more about the drive than it was keeping it in pristine OEM condition. Starting off with the Bride Brix reclinable seat that offers way more support while still being comfortable enough to take it on a weekend cruise and not just track time. The bolster does have some typical wear from getting in and out, but its overall right clean. The rest of the seats are quite comfortable and do offer decent bolstering support, just not on the same level as the Brix. The passenger and rear seats look great and have been preserved rather well, free of your typical stains or seam rips. Naturally, the stock wheel was ditched in favor of a more sleek Nardi. Atop the steering column is a Greddy PRoFec B-Spec II and below is a matching Greddy turbo timer. The dash is in fair shape, as there are some cracks atop the gauge cluster, but they're not noticeable from the driver's seat itself. The triple gauge pod atop the center console on the other hand is. Defi oil temp, water temp, and an old school A'PEXi mechanical boost gauge keep vitals in check. If you hadn't already gathered that this was generally built more for performance than luxury the center console is a bit of a giveaway. These are prone to cracking and breaking down over time which explains why someone wasn't too bothered by replacing it with a cleaner one. In that same light, it would also explain why the Cresta does not have A/C either. On the bright side, the radio does work, even though you'll probably spend more time listening to the 1J instead. While the sunroof is inop it does make for some nice additional light in the cabin. The rest of the power accessories are working though like the power windows, folding mirrors, and locks.

If the above wasn't enough to excite you, mechanically is where this Cresta gets really exciting. Powered by the infamous 1JZ-GTE this engine has been very nicely modified using quite a few quality parts. The stock twin turbos have been ditched in favor of a very responsive T3/T4 hybrid single turbo kit, which has the ability to make much more horsepower over the small stock twin turbos. Simply switching from the twins down to the single already makes this one more fun to drive as it keeps the boost more linear across the rev range. All of the supporting modifications have also been added to keep up with it. As mentioned previously the massive Greddy front mount helps to feed plenty of cool air with its matching Airinx intake. With this much air coming in you've got to get it back out so a full turbo-back one-off exhaust was fabbed with a high flow cat to try and prevent from some of that rasp and drone that straight pipes are known for. If you've never heard a 1J at full tilt, especially one with work done, then you're in for a serious treat. The 1JZ is one of the most unique sounding motors ever produced. For longevity sake, several other tweaks were made like the addition of a Greddy catch can and oil cooler. On the flip side, to make your life a bit easier a GREX oil filter relocation next to the giant skid plate makes changes much easier. One peak at the gauge cluster and it's obvious that the trans was swapped out in favor of the R154 5 speed. Unfortunately, the mileage was not verified prior to leaving Japan so the 59K that it reads is unverified. Though based on the fact the timing belt was changed 10K miles ago at 79 Kilometers it may very well be close to accurate. When they did the trans swap the clutch was upgraded to a twin-disc to ensure that there were no issues with handling the extra power. The clutch is a bit more stiff than stock by nature, but it doesn't feel like you're trying to push over a pile of bricks either. Power is sent rearwards through an upgraded 2 way LSD, which for those unfamiliar does cause the car to be a little chunky at low-speed tight turns. The benefit is when you want to have a little fun the car has no problem with kicking out the back end, this was clearly built for having fun after all. To make sure that it's in fighting shape we've done a fair bit of work in the shop for the next owner. Fresh rubber all around on those Stage wheels, a new air filter, a new set of pads all around, a new balljoint, rear spindle, and an alignment to get it tracking right again after the suspension work. For those of us who would love to make our own build but simply don't have the time or resources then this is the perfect car for you. Plenty of power on tap, looks unlike anything on the road, and enough space to pile in some buddies but still thrash around on back roads, what more could you ask for?

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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