1993 Toyota LC VX Limited

Sold: $22,995

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Stock #5085

Toyota has always offered a wide selection of SUVs in their lineup. At the top of the food chain, resides the Land Cruiser. This 1993 VX Limited is perhaps the best full-size body-on-frame SUV we retail, regardless of manufacturer. Having clocked just 160K verified and documented miles on the chassis, she is still in fine shape and has been brought up to date on maintenance since being shipped over to the US. Finished in a one-off Super Black this 80 series is in good overall condition. This Land Cruiser originally left the Toyota factory in Blue Slate Metallic / Medium Gray Metallic (183), however was redone at some point in Japan, and includes painted door jambs. The paint looks good and shows only minimal wear such as small rock chips and some light scuffs from typical use. This HDJ81 is spacious and includes plenty of power amenities for supreme driver comfort and convenience. As a highly collectible model this legally imported turbodiesel rig is refined, reliable, and a bonafide Japanese Classic.

To say there is an abundance of room inside the cabin of this Land cruiser is an understatement. You can comfortably fit five adults and still have plenty of cargo space to spare. You will find the seats upholstered in a gray cloth that is soft to the touch and in decent overall condition, besides a minor stain near the driver's side seatbelt. Also on the same seat, there's some bolster wear from entering and exiting but no rips or tears. The dash is intact with no cracking or bubbling which can be common to find in vehicles this age. The cruise control works great for long road trips giving the right foot of the driver a break. A Kenwood double din radio replaces the OEM unit and powers on fine but is stuck in demo mode. You'll want to replace this with a more modern head unit if tunes are important. A faux wood grain center trim breaks up all the gray interior pieces and compliments the color line very well. Power windows, along with a driver-side one-touch feature, come standard on this model and work. Power locks and mirrors work as they should except for the power fold function. The power sunroof slides open and tilts as it should and even a Coolbox is in the center console armrest work so you can keep your libations cold on the road. Automatic climate control is helpful to have on hand and blasts instantly cold A/C or heat with the simple touch of a button. The headliner is in good shape, with no sagging or stains detected, and the interior lighting was upgraded to LED for more interior light. The door cards have held up well over the years as have the carpets. Overall there was a lot of care devoted to this Land Cruiser in a former life and it shows.

With an SUV of this size, the engine was an important choice to ensure enough power to weight ratio. Toyota chose the 1HD-T 4.2L straight 6 to provide enough torque and horsepower to move this rig down the road with ease. Complete with a fresh oil and filter change and a new 12V battery, this diesel turns over quickly and sets into a near vibration-free idle. Our trained technicians have replaced the alternator to keep the electrics running tip-top. The automatic transmission shifts without hesitation and sends power to all four wheels through a full-time system. If you get into a rough spot, the center differential button is located under the vents within reach to engage. When the brakes are applied, they are responsive and slow this LC to a stop without breaking a sweat. Be sure to get a running start when you jump into this one since it has a 3" lift and no running boards, to increase overall ground clearance. The suspension can handle the rigors of daily use just fine and it sails over bumps large and small. Brand new 35" Falken All-terrain tires were fitted to the 16" MKW wheels. They will last for tens of thousands of miles to come and deliver year-round premium grip.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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