1992 Nissan Skyline

Sold: $17,495

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Perhaps our most sought after ride, the Skyline coupe, is becoming increasing hard to find in Japan. With it's legendary styling, lively drive train, and rewarding drive, this a real Japanese classic. This true Type M adds extra aesthetics with it's B-Sport front bumper, making for an aggressive look, that also hints that this Skyline was not the stripped down trim version. This particular vehicle is finished in Gun Gray Metallic (KH2) which is among the most desirable colors, not to mention one of the best looking. The paint shows well for it's age, sans some imperfections like normal scratches, dings, and scuffs associated with a 26 year old car. The clear coat has an abundance of luster and the metallic can really be appreciated. The body itself is very straight and has been kept up well. Fitted with 17" PIAA Rozza alloys, and B-Sport aero, this coupe has the looks to back up the performance.

The interior has been left mostly unchanged from the factory giving a very authentic feel. The seats have been kept up well, free of any notable tears or stains. The cockpit is driver oriented, and the ergonomics are great in this model. The controls are all at hand and clearly labeled. The shifter trim does have a missing section by the lower portion of the shift boot, but overall the interior is quite nice and benefits from a deep dish D1 Spec steering wheel and NISMO knob. The factory power accessories are working as they should; the windows, power folding mirrors, and power locks are functional. The automatic climate control is functioning, and the A/C keeps interior temps down in the summer, and the heat kicks in the winter. A HKS turbo timer is installed under the column to reduce the turbocharger temps after shutting down the motor. The dash condition is good without any cracks, but does suffer from some slight distortion by the cluster and also has the infamous dash bubble. The carpets and door cards have been well kept, and the rear seats show little signs of use. The headliner is free of any stains or sags, and the interior plastics have held up great. Lastly, an updated Pioneer head unit pipes the tunes through the factory speakers. A set of aluminum pedal have also been fitted to help with the pedal spacing during more spirited driving.

Popping the hood reveals Nissan's renowned workhorse, the RB20DET. With only 78K verified miles, it's only just getting broken in. The turbocharged two liter jolts to life when you turn the key, and settles into a near vibration free idle. The straight six is smooth and benefits from a new A'pexi air intake and free flowing Fujitsubo exhaust, aiding fuel economy and performance. The largely untouched engine bay is refreshing to find, as many have been modified in some form over their lifetime. Power comes on quickly as the turbo spools and pulls heartily to redline, with a nice mellow tone emitting from the rear. The 5 speed shifts easily making it a blast to row through the gears. Power is sent rearward with immediacy and the vehicles accelerates with a broad, linear, power curve. The suspension is firm, and more predictable than OE suspension, while handling road imperfections and low clearances without an issue. All four corners utilize adjustable Tein Flex dampers, making the cornering very flat and stable. To assist with chassis flex a Cusco strut tower brace ties the front end together. All season grip is tenacious, coming from four brand new tires, mounted and balanced by one of our trained techs. An oil service, complete with six new spark plugs, has been recently performed prior to sale, and a Virginia State Safety Inspection ensures the car is ready to withstand the rigors of daily driving. The brakes, which have been replaced at all four corners, are quick to respond and slow this coupe down in a jiffy. Overall, it's a perfect candidate to be daily driven.

Whether you're looking for a new project to modify or simply a turn key JDM option, you can't go wrong with this GTS-t! This 1992 coupe is a great platform to tune or daily drive, with an abundance of parts availability and room to wrench under the hood if that's your thing. Squint hard enough and it is often mistaken for big brother Godzilla, but at fraction of the price and with a lower cost of ownership.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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