1990 Nissan Pao

Sold: $13,495

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Stock Number: 4358

Nissan's Pao is without a doubt one of the most unique cars to come out of Japan to date. With its super retro styling, it screams 1960's beach cruiser, yet has all the practicality of a new car. Touching down to us in great condition and equipped with the optional rag top roof (which is nearly the entire roof) really embodies the beach cruiser vibe. Not only is it the highly desirable convertible, but it also comes sporting a few modifications which has been tough to find. Finished in one of the more unique colors, the Olive Gray (DJ0) paint turns heads everywhere it goes (as if the styling didn't already.) Admittedly the color doesn't show as well in photos as it does in person, the color really is a deeper olive green hue than the more common Aqua Gray ones that we've had in the past. The paint shows exceptionally well for its age, free of any notable blemishes barring your typical stone chips and small scratches associated with daily driving. The wild body lines have been kept up just as well, free of any notable dents or dings. Lowered on a set of 14" Watanabe wheels really seals the deal as these wheels look good on literally everything.

The retro styling carries through to the interior finished in a neutral beige checked cloth trimmed in vinyl. The seats are in good condition with little signs of wear. The seats do have a little bit of discoloration but are void of any notable rips or stains. The retro styling oozes from it's painted metal dash, keeping with the 60's vibe, coupled with a single large multi-function gauge. While the main gauge did not feature a tach it hasn't been an issue for most of the cars we've imported as they've been the 3 speed autos. This one, on the other hand, has the better trans option in a proper 5 speed manual. The 5 speed makes these cars far more capable at US highway speeds. In order to assist an aftermarket tach was mounted to the steering column and has a similar look to the factory one. Ahead of that is a matching white, polished, steering wheel which fits the overall vibe of the car. The side windows are split in half to allow the bottom to pop out as an additional vent. For those days that it may be too hot to open things up, the Pao is fitted with full climate control. The A/C seems to be blowing cold and the thickness of the top helps to insulate the cabin in the colder months. The factory radio has been replaced with a more modern unit, however, the new owner will probably want to update it to something more US friendly.

Power comes from the, equally cute, 1 liter MA10S. After all, this was built to be a fun little runabout, not a drag car. With only 112K verified miles the engine starts quickly and happily hums along. The suspension is a first for us as it's riding on APEX'i coilovers. The ride is surprisingly good for how much stiffer they are than the stock setup. And to help with body flex a Cusco strut tower brace was added as well which is also the first one we've seen for the PK10 chassis. Braking feels reassured as this little guy comes in at a scant 1600lbs. Thanks to how light the car the unassisted steering is light regardless of speed making it a blast around town. While the 1 liter wasn't originally designed for US highways but the 5 speed gearing really helps out. It can do 70mph, though its more at home around town. The little one liter The Pao turns heads everywhere it goes and is assured to make a fuss every time you leave it in a parking lot. There's no doubt that you'll be hard-pressed to come across another one at a stoplight, so be prepared for the questions everyone will have. But honestly with a standout like this, who could blame them?

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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