1992 Toyota Soarer Z30

Stock Number: 4620

While the first generation of the Lexus SC is a familiar face here in the US, per usual we were only offered the watered-down version. Back home in Japan Toyota was busy stuffing turbocharged monster motors into just about everything with four wheels; this '94 Soarer being no exception. The JZZ30 is the ultimate blend of both luxury and performance. Back in 1992, the JZZ30 debuted in Japan as one of the more extravagant Grand Tourers of its time. With it's sleek and sophisticated styling it has proven to be an iconic design for years to come. And with the rising prices of the Toyota Supra, the Toyota Soarer is a budget-friendly alternative since it utilizes the same chassis that the JZA80 did. While they both use the same recipe they did use a few different ingredients. Fitted with the savage 1JZ-GTE the Soarer has a completely different sound than anything else on the road. Pair that with the bulletproof R154 5 speed and you've got a great thing on your hands. Bodywise this one has been kept largely stock, but you can never judge a book by its cover. Finished in Toyota's Diamond Pearl White (051) it sets off this luxury coupe perfectly. The body has been left unmodified and includes a factory front lip. Both the paint and the body are in great condition showing no major damage and only light blemishes from normal use. For instance, there are a few small scuffs along the bottom of the lip due to the lowered ride height. A set of 17" Starform D-Types give it the proper VIP look for a big body coupe like this. Since you can never leave a car like this at stock height JIC Magic adjustable coilovers sit on all four corners. Not only do they get the Soarer down to a more acceptable height they also help to cut out some of the bodyroll since these are rather weighty from the factory.

Inside the cabin, you'll find a very nicely maintained interior that feels and looks great. The interior is really where you start to notice that this isn't your average SC. Off the bat, you'll spot the Bride Brix adjustable bucket which does a fantastic job of keeping you in place. Normally with any seat like this with the tall bolsters, we expect to find some wear and tear along the edges from getting in and out. Much to our surprise this one really doesn't have any issues of the sort which is a rare thing to find. The rest of the interior is finished in the rare factory leather. Leather wasn't a big thing in Japan, so to find a car with it is a real treat. The power passenger seat is in great shape, though that comes as little surprise. While the back seats are physically fine they do have some staining which you can spot in the photos on both the base and back. Apparently, someone left a set of wheels sitting in the back for quite some time which wound up staining/imprinting them over the years. The rear decklid is also less than perfect as the 3rd brake light housing and driver's side speaker cover are both missing. On the passenger side of the dash is a whole host of Greddy gauges to keep an eye on vitals since the factory digital dash doesn't give any of that information. The digital dash is a huge selling point on these, however, have been known to go out. This one was replaced a mere 1K Kilometers ago so we know that the mileage is inaccurate. The upgraded double din does offer some functionality, enough to check that the speakers are functioning, however, you'll want to swap it out for something more US compatible at the end of the day. Another common issue is the climate control screen getting rather pixelized over the years which this one has fallen victim to. While it doesn't have any impact on the function it does make things a bit hard to read. Being a luxury Grand Tourer you get all of the common features of the time like the one-touch power driver's window, power mirrors, and power locks. The dash is in great shape which is a rather common issue due to sun damage over the years. It is worth noting that both the driver and passenger door panels have a bit of fading on the leather armrests which you can see in the photos. It doesn't have the common split at the top of them though which is a nice perk.

Under the hood is really what separates the Soarer from the SC300/400. The powerful 2.5L twin-turbo is definitely the best engine for the chassis. When it comes to engines, there isn't a much better sounding or performing option than the 1JZ-GTE. While the 1J is great in stock trim, this one is anything but stock. As soon as you pop the hood you'll spot the big single Greddy TD06-20G in place of the factory twins. The power delivery of the single is a world of difference from the sequential twins. The powerband becomes far more linear when you switch out to the single, plus you also have less moving parts to deal with at the end of the day. Of course, simply swapping out the turbo can only do so much, which is why this one has a host of supporting mods for it. Filling the front bumper is a massive Blitz front mount intercooler to make sure there's no shortage of fresh air for the TD06. An HPI intake and hard piping help to feed the turbo along with making all the fun noises you want in a turbo car. Speaking of noises the stock twin exit exhaust was ditched in favor of a freer-flowing single exit turbo back. Once you pull the cats and resonators you can really let the 1J sing and boy does it. If you haven't had the luxury of hearing one of these in person at full chat then you're really missing out. A Greddy catch can helps to make sure no excess oil makes it into the system and is in a particularly easy location to drain periodically. For adjustable boost control, an HKS EVC sits atop the steering column to give you full control of the Greddy unit. Thanks to a new battery the 2.5L fires right up. The power delivery is savage and pulls like a freight train to its 7K redline. Adding to the desirability of the JZZ30 is the rare factory optioned 5 speed manual R154. Coupled to the 1JZ makes this a bulletproof drivetrain to send power to the rear wheels. The clutch engages smoothly and rowing through the gears is an absolute blast. The clutch is a bit heavier than stock, but it's not as aggressive as a twin disc which makes the engagement a bit more daily driver friendly. Quite a bit of routine service work has been done to ensure that its road-ready. A new timing belt and tensioner are one of the big ones so you know it's not going to be an issue for another 100K KM. It also has a new set of inner and outer tie rods to go along with the JIC Magic coilovers. Mechanically this thing is ready to roll and roll it does. This car makes all the right noises and has the power to back it up. You really can't go wrong with a proper GT car that has the ability to pull daily duty just as easily as it slides.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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