Fully Built “GTR” Sedan

We received this 1992 Nissan Skyline Sedan in April of 2017. When it arrived here it was mechanically stock sporting a naturally aspirated RB25DE and an automatic transmission. The OEM metal rear GTR wide body had already been performed in Japan prior to us owning the car and was overall in excellent condition. We decided to use it as a base for our latest shop “demo” car. We build several cars a year to bring to shows, and display in our showroom in Richmond, VA and this was the perfect starting point for an exceptionally unique build. Once the decision was made we fully disassembled the vehicle and started from scratch. The engine, transmission, front and rear subframes, all of the interior, and even the glass was removed in preparation for this build. Once the chassis was completely stripped it was sent to paint where it received a color change from white to Nissan’s R34 GTR VSPEC II color Sparkling Silver (WV2.) Once the outside was painted the under body received a full undercoat prior to the subframes being reinstalled. All of the suspension arms were refreshed and painted along with the subframes prior to installing them, while Nismo arms were used throughout in conjunction with solid subframe bushings to tighten up the rear. A brand new set of custom built Fortune Auto coilovers finish off the completely refreshed suspension.

The exterior has a long but subtle list of modifications which include an OEM GTR front bumper, OEM GTR front aluminum fenders, OEM GTR aluminum hood, OEM GTR front grill, OEM GTR front lip, and OEM GTR N1 bumper ducts finish off the front end. Shorin (Japan) 2 door side skirts were used and modified to fit the widened 4 door body. The Shorin (Japan) 2 door rear diffuser was also modified to fit the widen sedan and we think is likely the best looking aero available for the R32 GTR. Needless to say there are a lot of one off custom touches on this GTR Sedan that most would overlook. Along with the one off parts an extremely rare OEM Nismo R32 GTR rear wing was added to finish off the rear of the car and flows perfectly with the rear diffuser. We wanted this sedan to feel as if it could have been a factory built GTR sedan and it’s subtle looks help accomplish that!

The interior was also updated and changed using mostly OEM parts. A bubble and crack free dash was installed along with red stitched R33 GTR front seats. The rear seats have also been swapped for R33 GTR pieces. A set of R34 floor mats update the look of the carpeting as well. OEM GTR center gauges were installed and function to further continue the OEM GTR theme. A rare DO-Luck rear cross bar was installed which further stiffens up the chassis and is a cool looking piece. A Nardi steering wheel, OEM R34 GTR 6 speed shift knob, and Tomei gauge cluster round out the interior. The radio does not work (for good reason, we will get to that shortly). Keeping a simple and understated interior was important to us when deciding what to include in the interior. The theme of this car was to feel like a OEM GTR sedan and the interior does just that!

Getting down to the business end of this build is the exciting part for us. The engine used is the RB26DETT, which was fully built by Zenitani in Osaka, Japan. Using HKS for all of the internals including: HKS Pistons, HKS Rods, HKS Cams, HKS Cam gears, and a HKS Headgasket this RB26 is ready for whatever you want to throw at it! HKS also supplied the T51R turbo kit which includes: HKS Manifold, HKS Wastegate, and of course a beautiful condition HKS T51R turbo (the holy grail of HKS turbos). A 4″ Blitz front mount intercooler was installed and custom intercooler piping was fabricated to keep the bay as clean as possible. An ARC intake box was modified to be able to be used with the HKS T51R turbo. A one off power steering reservoir and lines were built which adds a nice touch in the engine bay over the ugly stock unit. A billet intake manifold, throttle body, and fuel rail clean up the intake side of the engine and Injector Dynamics 1050cc injectors feed the engine fuel by way of a Walbro 450lph fuel pump while a SARD fuel pressure regulator controls pressure and a Tomei fuel pressure gauge mounted to the fuel rail monitors fuel pressure. A Koyo aluminum radiator and two electric fans keep the engine temps cool even in the hottest weather. A full HICAS delete was also done using a RB25 pump and all HICAS components were properly removed. We wanted to build not only a reliable power plant, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. The RB26 valve covers in stock form are good looking, but since this engine is now a single turbo the indention on the passenger side valve cover is no longer needed. We decided to fix this and modified the passenger side side to match the other side so they are now symmetrical. This process requires hours of welding and grinding and the result is beautiful, but out of all the shows this car has been at only 2 people have noticed this modification. It’s geeky and cool, and cost about $1500. The valve covers and upper timing cover were then painted Nissan’s beautiful Nur Spec green. Controlling all of this is a Apexi Power FC D-Jetro (MAF delete) and everything is wired up using a brand new Wiring Specialties harness.

The transmission in the car is the infamous Getrag 6 speed removed from a R34 GTR which has now been converted to RWD. These transmissions are the same internally as the 6 speed V160’s found in the Toyota Supra, but this is likely the only RWD Nissan model in the U.S. The clutch is a HKS triple plate and is not for the novice driver. A one off 1 piece driveshaft was used to tie the transmission to the VLSD rear differential. We opted for a good condition VLSD to make the car more driver friendly over a 2 way LSD. A custom 3″ stainless downpipe feeds a one off Freed Engineering 3.5″ full Titanium downpipe back exhaust. The sound produced under load is intoxicating and sounds very much like a super car. It’s a very unique sound and you won’t find another RB that sounds quite like it.

Finally a set of Endless brakes fill up the front wheels and bring this 620whp monster to a stop promptly. 17″ GTR spec Regamasters have been fully refinished and are wrapped in Toyo’s R888 tires.

This car has been dyno’d at Atlantic Motorsports in Maryland and makes 620WHP at 20psi. If you wanted to boost could easily be increased to make 700+ as the engine and supporting modifications are present to support it. This unique Skyline has hundreds of hours of labor in it and is hands down the most unique well built 4 door in the states.