1991 Nissan Gloria Y32

This unique vipstyle 1991 Nissan Gloria (Y32) started it’s new life in the United States as a completely stock car. Our shop manager wanted to show what could be done with this chassis in classic Japanese vip styling. This car was built 100% in house at Japanese Classics and has countless hours of labor to make this static Gloria completely driveable at the ride height you see in the photos. Japanese vipstyle in it’s truest form has always been more than just bolting aero and wheels on a car. Of course, we love all modified cars, but one off custom parts really are what is at the heart of vipstyle. Going a step further, building a car with a static ride height is deeply rooted in Japanese vipstyle as traditionally most cars you seen in Japan are static. The main reason for this is air suspension will not pass safety inspection in the land of the rising sun. However, there is no height restriction to pass safety inspection in Japan and now you know why there are so many static vip cars there.

K-Break aero was used on the the exterior and they still manufacturer parts for the Y32, which made the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper an easy choice. Of course, these parts would be modified but they served as a perfect starting point. The front bumper originally had a recess for a front license plate, which was shaved and the side skirts were modified along with the front fenders to give them a more modern look. The front fenders also received an aftermarket fender light which also serves as a turn signal. Ulterior Motives is the go to for custom metal flares in the US. We have used them on several builds in the past, and they save tons of time and money and are built your your exact specifications. You really can’t go wrong using these flares! That being said, welding some flares on won’t give you a driveable car (at least one that looks good driving). A lot of care was taken to make this car driveable at the height you see here and it is. This Y32 can (and has) completed several road trips to New Jersey, Atlanta, Charlotte, and even Florida. Fortune Auto supplied us with a perfect set of coilovers fine tuned for the ride height.  Custom headlights and tail lights were added, and a nice set of Weds 19″ LXZ’s fill out the new wheel wells perfectly.
There are always a lot small modifications that no one will really ever notice but those are the details that mean the most. We hope you enjoy seeing this build and if you get the chance to see it in person at one of the shows we attend, don’t miss it!