1986 Nissan Sunny Truck

This 1986 Nissan Sunny Truck has been restored in house by Japanese Classics. The exterior look is accomplished with the help of 09 Racing Japan Sanitora flares and 09 Racing Japan Sanitora front Hako style lip. A set of restored vintage Hayashi Racing Command 14” x 8.5/9.5” wheels and Toyo tires fill out the wider flares. The exterior, interior and engine bay has been sprayed a non metallic Grey to add to the vintage feel of the truck. The livery is a Japanese Classics original and was inspired by vintage race cars from the 60’s and 70’s. The body is relatively original with a few modification to allow to the drastically lower static ride height. The front fenders have been trimmed to fit the massive 8.5″ wide wheels and the rear fenders have been trimmed and welded to maintain the structural strength of the uni-body chassis. In addition to that the rear frame rails have been “C” notched and reinforced to allow plenty of clearance for the rear axle under suspension compression.  The bed has been slightly modified for clearance of the rear differential as well. The engine bay has also been color matched (2 tone) along with the interior compartment as much of the painted surfaces are exposed from the factory. The flares match the secondary color in the engine bay, a small detail most people will never see. Since this truck packs a tiny 1.2l engine we decided a carbon tipped Yoshimura muffler would be an appropriate size and still look wicked behind the truck. The factory rain visors are super rare and look just right atop the windows. Last but not least a set of fender mirrors add the finishing touch to the vintage feeling exterior. All of these modifications come together in one cohesive style that flows just right!

The interior has received equal attention as the exterior. The factory seats have been restored and recovered in genuine Recaro material from the JZA70 Supra R. The seats, door panels, and dash are all black which was never offered in a Sunny from the factory. The Sunny’s also never came with carpet from the factory, so we decided to have a custom carpet made for this sunny in black, and it matches the seats perfectly. A Momo Race steering wheel finishes off the interior modifications. All of this creates a simple yet extremely clean interior.

Mechanical modifications focus mostly on the suspension setup to achieve the desired ride height. The original front suspension has been swapped to custom built Fortune Auto coilovers with 09 Racing Japan camber adjustable top hats. This allows us to have a perfectly drivable ride height up front with modern suspension technology and rebuildable shocks. For the rear suspension, 3” steel drop blocks were fabricated along with custom leaf springs and coilover shocks with external reservoirs to fine tune the ride height. The factory A12 engine has been kept stock along with the rest of the drivetrain, which makes for a reliable truck that can be driven to shows or out for a cruise.